How Often Should You Repeat a Tweet?

From the Market Motive Forums: How Often Should I Repeat a Tweet?

Tweets are literally here one second and gone the next. As a result, marketers can be tempted to repeat a single message multiple times using scheduling tools.

Some tools may restrict publishing similar messages in a small time frame. This isn’t because of a strict tweeting law, it’s more likely to encourage proper tweeting etiquette. [Read more...]

Brad Geddes Named #3 Most Influential PPC Expert

Brad89Every summer, Hanapin Marketing releases their list of the Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts as a way to honor the hardest workers in the PPC community. The rankings are based on an “Influence Score,” which takes into consideration no less than 10 different metrics.

For the third year in a row, Market Motive’s PPC faculty chair Brad Geddes has placed on the list of Top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts.

Are You the Roadblock To Your Marketing Team’s Success?

The digital marketing train is pulling out of the station, and marketers who haven’t fully jumped on yet are trying furiously to make the change – but many don’t know how.

In March 2014, Adobe released Digital Roadblock: Marketers Struggle to Reinvent Themselves, which surveyed 1,000+ marketers and identified what’s causing the dangerously slow adaptation of digital.


SPOILER: The biggest roadblock to your marketing team’s success may be you.


Let’s break it down. Here are our top 7 takeaways from Adobe’s report:

1. Companies are doing significantly more digital marketing


People spend a lot of time on the internet – so smart companies are trying to reach their audience where they live. Broadcast and/or radio advertising are appropriately and quickly giving way to social marketing and email.

Too Many Impressions, Not Enough Clicks


From the Market Motive Forums: How Can I Get More Clicks From The Impressions I Have?

Getting too many impressions and not enough clicks? There are three main ways to increase clicks from your current impressions:

  1. Examine your search queries
  2. Raise your position (increase bids or quality score)
  3. Test ads (increase CTR)

The first step in examining your account is to understand the actual search queries that are showing your ads. If you find irrelevant queries, then you need to add negatives or refine your match types so that you are only showing for relevant queries.

Why We’re Taking a Risk and Dropping Our Coached Course Prices

$3500 > $1995

You might have noticed that the price for our Coached Courses has recently dropped from $3500 to $1995.

We know some of you have noticed, because you’re quickly flooding the roster.

But once the joy subsides, the 43% price drop may leave you wondering:

Why the change?

It’s a legitimate question.

First, here’s what hasn’t changed: We haven’t changed the course content, and we haven’t reduced the features. We’ve only reduced the price.

Here’s why: It’s an experiment in impact.

We want to impact more lives, not deeper… Continue reading

Just When You Think You Don’t Need Training, K.T. Proves Even a pro in the Industry Can Reach the next Level

karen taggart linkedinK.T. identified her knowledge gap
Karen Taggart (K.T.) was hardly inexperienced. She’d spent 20 years in the industry as a writer and content manager. However, when it came to social media, K.T. realised she could increase her knowledge of the business uses. Social media was here to stay.

She knew her writing experience would help her to produce effective content, but what she needed to know was how to effectively position that content and how the channels all fit together.

“I needed to see how this fits in for my clients — not just in theory, but in practice. And I work much better if I can see the broad view of things.”… Continue reading

Shying Away from Highly Competitive Keywords

Keyword-ResearchImagine you’ve got a highly competitive keyword, and you don’t have the budget to compete on that word alone.

You’ve tried lots of combinations in the hopes of finding a medium or low competitive search term that still contains your highly competitive word, but no luck.

You might be at a point where you’re trying to decide whether to keep competing or just throw in the towel.

That’s just where one Market Motive member found himself this month; but instead of giving up, he turned to his Market Motive SEO forum to get the advice he needed.

The answer I gave him there felt like something that anyone in his position could benefit from, so I thought I’d share it here as well.… Continue reading

How to Succeed in Online Training (and Life)

web_chadHS_2741Chad Vanags went from zero to hero (web analytically speaking). He came into the course completely unfamiliar with Web Analytics and now saves his customers thousands of dollars through his analytics skills.

Follow these five secrets to success we stole from his story, and not only will you be a shoo-in for success in your Coached Course, but you’ll be even more successful in life.



1. Know Your Why

know your why

“If you don’t have a big purpose in life, it’s really hard to stay dedicated and motivated. There are going to be so many obstacles to derail you, and your why has to be bigger than those obstacles. If you don’t have a big enough why, you’re not going to push through.”

Chad’s ultimate goal is to be an adventure travel host and show people the awesome world we live in. He knew that constant travel requires location independence, which requires developing his ECommerce consulting business, which requires mastering Web Analytics, which would require him being successful in the course. Because he tied his experience in the course to the success of Jake & Chad – his adventure TV show – he was able to attack the course tenaciously and, ultimately, successfully.… Continue reading

Avinash Kaushik says Ask Me Anything

avinash_kaushik-bwDon’t miss out on this rare public Ask Me Anything from Avinash… bring your burning questions next Thursday, June 26th.

You’ve got questions. Avinash has answers.

What are the most powerful tools? Favorite reports? Breaking trends? Biggest time wasters?

If you’ve got questions about web analytics, now’s your chance to get the answers you crave from Google’s own highly recognized and respected Digital Marketing Evangelist.

If you want to learn all the secrets Avinash has to offer, just click on the big orange button below and join us!… Continue reading

Avinash’s Market Motive Master Certification Manifesto: Web Analytics

avinash-kaushik-portraitEvery quarter, we offer a series of coached courses in digital marketing.

The courses are hard. Really hard. They demand a lot of dedication and focus from the students to successfully complete. SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics… they’re all challenging courses.

Especially Web Analytics… this intensive course with Avinash Kaushik and John Marshall is easily the most challenging course we offer. Every single time.

What we’ve learned is, having a roadmap to success, a plan for staying focused and organized and realistic, dramatically improves your chances of successfully completing the course and becoming a true Master of digital marketing.

So every quarter, Avinash gives his Web Analytics students a guide to victory, a manifesto of study habits to lead them through the perils and pitfalls of the master course.

And a lot of his advice is relevant to coached study in all the disciplines, not just web analytics.

So we thought we’d share it here, to give you an idea of what you’re in for, and how you can best set yourself up for success.

Here goes…… Continue reading