3 Questions to Ask Yourself When an Offer Fails

From the Market Motive Forums: 100 people clicked “Get this offer” to receive a coupon, but nobody went to the store to redeem it. What happened?CouponRedeem

When an offer flops, there could be several things at play.

But there’s good news! If you have you tracking set up properly, you can usually find the problem and correct it before your next campaign.

If you have people click “get this offer” button, but no one shows up in a store, here are the top three questions to ask yourself:… Continue reading

6 Steps to Save Grandma! . . . and not need an extension on your training

SaveGrandmaBlog“A student’s grandmother is far more likely to die suddenly just before the student takes an exam, than at any other time of year.”
Eastern Connecticut State University “Study”

No educator has ever been surprised by the flood of emails at the end of a semester relaying the unfortunate death of Grandma. . . and, of course, requesting the appropriate extension or exception.

Another round of Coached Courses starts today, and nearly 100 students all around the world are entering into a rigorous training adventure.

Our goal is to not only present a new batch of successful Master Graduates in December, but to have them graduate with grandmothers.

So, for the sake of grandmothers everywhere, here are the top 6 ways to graduate from any training program without needing to (figuratively) throw Grandma under the bus to get an extension!… Continue reading

Should You Buy Your Brand Terms? Probably.

From the Market Motive Forums: Is it a good strategy to spend money for brand terms?

In most cases, it is worth buying your brand terms and company names. A lot of companies test buying their brand vs. not buying it, and then make a decisions based off the revenue delta. Testing is always a good idea!

As a general overview: Here are the top 4 most common reasons companies buy their brand terms. … Continue reading

How You Can Benefit From Our Faculty’s Expertise!


If you’re a Market Motive member, you know our faculty is busy designing and building training courses, recording videos, leading live workshops, and answering your questions in the Ask the Experts Forums. Great, right?

But did you know our faculty have lives outside of Market Motive?

It’s true!

All of the Market Motive faculty are active out in the online marketing world; they’re highly respected keynote speakers, consultants, agency owners, business owners, and bloggers. It’s that firsthand day-to-day experience in the trenches of real-time digital marketing that makes their mentorship so valuable and relevant.… Continue reading