The Art of Mobile Persuasion by Jeff Hasen

The Art of Mobile PersuasionHow the World’s Most Influential Brands are Transforming the Customer Relationship Through Courageous Mobile Marketing

We are very excited to announce the publication of Jeff Hasen’s new book, “The Art of Mobile Persuasion.”

Our Mobile Marketing guru Jeff Hasen has just released a new book. And fun fact: The book will constantly be updated in real time once a month so you always have the latest and greatest insights from the industry’s premier expert.

So what can you expect from Jeff’s latest literary work of art? Let’s take a look!

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Why Market Motive is Now Part of Simplilearn

market-motive logo anncsimplilearn logo

Michael Stebbins, Chief Innovation Officer, Simplilearn

Shared Values, Passion, and Future

michael stebbinsWhen Avinash Kaushik, John Marshall and I started Market Motive, we set out to change the way the world learns digital marketing, and we’ve achieved this in many ways. As much as we started out focused on sharing our geekery and fascination with digital marketing, over time we’ve become even more fascinated with the ways that online learning… Continue reading

Market Motive Spotlight: Resultify

spotlightToday’s Market Motive Spotlight shines brightly upon Resultify. In the words of Project Manager Alexandra Wennheden, the online agency ponders on a daily basis, ”What should we do in our online marketing in order to get results?”

9 out of 10 of their clients recommend them to others. It’s probably because they’re good at measuring the complete digital landscape and understanding how to optimize it. Or maybe it’s because they’re sharing their knowledge with their clients as much as they want. Or maybe because they create great results. No matter what, they love and live online marketing.

But let’s get to the good stuff. How did they manage the training and to hit their goals?… Continue reading

Market Motive Scholarship Winners Announced

market motive scholarshipWe are proud to announce today the four Market Motive Scholarship winners for 2015. These scholarships will help digital marketing professionals attain access to Master Certified Training.

The Market Motive Master Scholarship Scholarship Fund was initiated earlier this year by the generous contributions of Manjula Higginbotham – herself a 2010 graduate of the program. The intent of the Market Motive Scholarship is to expand the opportunity for passionate marketers around the world to enable them to attain a Master Certification in one discipline or a Practitioner Certification in a complementary discipline

How excited are the winners for this incredible and unique opportunity?

Let’s find out directly from them!… Continue reading

Two New Free Videos: PPC and Social Media

PPC and Social MediaIntroducing two new and free videos for PPC and Social Media

PPC: Managing Search Queries & Negative Keywords

With broad match types and ever-expanding keyword lists, keywords can get out of control very easily. The cure for this is learning how to manage your keywords efficiently, and a major tool for managing keywords is negative keywords. Negative keywords block an ad for showing for a particular query. Smart advertisers will use these to stop ads for showing for low-value keywords that are not performing well. See how to use negative keywords in your account to keep your campaigns running more efficiently.… Continue reading

WPP Stays Ahead of the Curve With Digital Marketing Training

How does WPP ensure its companies get the training they need to remain leaders?

World-class training resources for world-class marketers.

wpp logoAs a global leader in marketing communications services, WPP employs over 179,000 people in 3,000 offices across an ever-growing portfolio of brands including Burson-Marsteller, Ogilvy, MediaCom, GroupM, Catalyst, Aqua, Xaxis, Young & Rubicam, Kantar, and Grey Group.

WPP understands the incredible value of investing in digital marketing training. Providing professional development resources ensures their teams are skilled up to meet the challenges of an evolving industry, helps standardize vocabulary and strategy across its properties, and ensures that the competition remains in the rear-view mirror.

That’s why they’ve contracted with Market Motive to provide a complete suite of digital marketing training courses to all their companies. This program empowers WPP companies to quickly implement a trusted training resource, efficiently onboard new talent, and provide experienced marketers with the tools they need to expand their skill sets and remain competitive and relevant.

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Announcing Top Gun Winners from Winter 2015!

top gun master certifiedMarket Motive’s Digital Marketing Coached Courses run quarterly and are taken by marketers from everywhere across the globe. Each semester Market Motive presents one student in each of our disciplines with the Top Gun Award to recognize their mastery of the content and real-world application.

Without further ado, here are the Top Gun winners for winter of 2015.… Continue reading

New Content: Mobile Marketing Foundations with Jeff Hasen

mobile marketing foundationsIn this Mobile Marketing Foundations course, Jeff Hasen explains the importance and value of mobile marketing programs.

Mobile Marketing enables brands to create a personal relationship that is often not possible through other digital marketing disciplines. With mobile, marketers must continue to move product off the shelves, but they must do that through mobile devices.

Throughout this introductory course, you’ll learn the importance and value of mobile marketing programs. From products and services to location-based targeting all the way to rules and regulations, learn how mobile is creating a personal one-to-one relationship between brands and customers.

Mobile Markerting Foundations Course Materials Includes:… Continue reading

New Content: PPC Foundations with Brad Geddes

PPC FoundationsIn this PPC Foundations course Brad Geddes will take you through everything you need to know to get started with PPC, or paid search, advertising.

From search psychology to targeting opportunities to a hands-on understanding of how the PPC auction actually works to hands-on ad copywriting and paid search measurement, this intro course covers a lot of ground. At the end of the course you should understand all the key components as well as actual building of a paid search ad.

PPC Foundations Course Materials Includes:… Continue reading

New Content: Web Analytics Foundations with Avinash Kaushik

Web Analytics Foundations with Avinash KaushikIn this course, Avinash walks through the major concepts of Web Analytics including specific frameworks he has developed to understand web data.

From a comprehensive Web Analytics overview to organizational readiness to segmentation to competitive analysis, Avinash opens the door for analysts and non-analysts alike to gather a rather deep understanding of a traditionally complex topic and make it accessible for everyone inside any organization.

Web Analytics Foundations Course Materials Includes:… Continue reading