Announcing Top Gun Winners from Winter 2015!

top gun master certifiedMarket Motive’s Digital Marketing Coached Courses run quarterly and are taken by marketers from everywhere across the globe. Each semester Market Motive presents one student in each of our disciplines with the Top Gun Award to recognize their mastery of the content and real-world application.

Without further ado, here are the Top Gun winners for winter of 2015. [Read more...]

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New Content: Mobile Marketing Foundations with Jeff Hasen

mobile marketing foundationsIn this Mobile Marketing Foundations course, Jeff Hasen explains the importance and value of mobile marketing programs.

Mobile Marketing enables brands to create a personal relationship that is often not possible through other digital marketing disciplines. With mobile, marketers must continue to move product off the shelves, but they must do that through mobile devices.

Throughout this introductory course, you’ll learn the importance and value of mobile marketing programs. From products and services to location-based targeting all the way to rules and regulations, learn how mobile is creating a personal one-to-one relationship between brands and customers.

Mobile Markerting Foundations Course Materials Includes:… Continue reading

New Content: PPC Foundations with Brad Geddes

PPC FoundationsIn this PPC Foundations course Brad Geddes will take you through everything you need to know to get started with PPC, or paid search, advertising.

From search psychology to targeting opportunities to a hands-on understanding of how the PPC auction actually works to hands-on ad copywriting and paid search measurement, this intro course covers a lot of ground. At the end of the course you should understand all the key components as well as actual building of a paid search ad.

PPC Foundations Course Materials Includes:… Continue reading

New Content: Web Analytics Foundations with Avinash Kaushik

Web Analytics Foundations with Avinash KaushikIn this course, Avinash walks through the major concepts of Web Analytics including specific frameworks he has developed to understand web data.

From a comprehensive Web Analytics overview to organizational readiness to segmentation to competitive analysis, Avinash opens the door for analysts and non-analysts alike to gather a rather deep understanding of a traditionally complex topic and make it accessible for everyone inside any organization.

Web Analytics Foundations Course Materials Includes:… Continue reading

2014 Digital Marketing Team of the Year: Eric Mower and Associates

Market Motive Team of the Year 2014Market Motive is thrilled to announce our Team of the Year for 2014: Eric Mower and Associates.

With over 100 amazing and dedicated teams to choose from, it took us quite some time to wade through the 2014 results. But after crunching the data, we’re pleased to recognize Eric Mower and Associates as the 2014 Digital Marketing Team of the Year.

The 200-plus team members, directed under the tutelage of HR Director Mike Slade, worked extremely hard to earn over 300 certifications – despite demanding work schedules – to take their digital marketing skills to the next level.… Continue reading

Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams of 2014

Market Motive is thrilled to announce the Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams of 2014.

These select companies were chosen from over 100 trained teams based upon a combination of criteria, which included ratio of certifications to team members, efficiency of training, the percentage of training team members who became certified, and more.

So let’s pop the champagne and give a toast to the Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams of 2014!

images1. Eric Mower and Associates
Kudos to Eric Mower and Associates for securing the honor of Top Digital Marketing Team of 2014. The marketing and communications agency offers consumer and B2B advertising, PR and public affairs, brand promotion and digital/direct/relationship marketing.… Continue reading

Market Motive Spotlight: Adam Lindsey at American Addiction Centers

spotlightSometimes we put the Market Motive Spotlight a student not for their success inside our courses, but for their success after our courses, and how they applied their new skills.

Adam Lindsey

Adam Lindsey

Adam Lindsey is one of those students.

Adam currently works for American Addiction Centers as a Senior Web Analyst and owns his own marketing and consulting business, ConversionGrow.

And the impact his Market Motive training has had on his career is immeasurable.

Or is it?… Continue reading

How Gannett Builds Better Brands Through Marketing Training

Gannett Corporation’s many brands now have access to world-class digital marketing training resources for their teams, and it’s already making a difference.


With over 500 regional, national, and international publications and web properties in its portfolio, including, CareerBuilder, G/O Digital, and USA Today, Gannett Corporation has a powerful and diverse cross-platform reach.

Through its broadcast, print, digital, and mobile brands, Gannett engages more than 110 million people every month.

So it’s business-critical to keep their digital marketing and brand management teams upskilled, up-to-date, and responsive to the rapidly changing digital landscape.

As a forward-thinking company, Gannett recognizes the value of investing in in-house professional development resources to keep its teams current and relevant.

That’s why they’ve recently negotiated a partnership with Market Motive, a leading digital marketing training developer, to provide affordable marketing training to every Gannett brand.… Continue reading

New Feature: LinkedIn Profile Updates

LinkedIn CertWith just one click, Market Motive grads can now have a certification loud and proud on their LinkedIn profiles

Thanks to the nifty coding of our brilliant dev team, graduates of Market Motive can now brag about their certifications directly on their LinkedIn profiles simply by clicking a button.

Each certification now includes an “Add to LinkedIn” button to automate the process of adding your certification to your profile. The button also links back to your profile page on Market Motive as well too.

Pretty sweet, oui?… Continue reading

New Video: Universal Analytics

When analyzing data online, we are often missing a large part of the puzzle. But why?

In this lesson with Avinash Kaushik, you will learn about universal analytics, which involves converting offline or distorted data into usable digital information that can be analyzed accurately.

This will enable you to fill the missing information gap in your data and get a more accurate understanding of your customers.

In this video you will learn to:… Continue reading