Bringing the gurus to the people

How many of us have gone to a search marketing conference, listened to a big name speaker, and thought, “What if I could get that guru to spend 15 minutes on my campaign?”

For me, the big-name speakers included Bryan Eisenberg and Alan Rimm-Kaufman and I’m pleased to announce that they both have joined the Market Motive faculty.

Bryan and Alan fulfill the vision of the “Internet Marketing Dream Team” whose purpose is to teach our members how to be successful in online marketing.

So here’s the lineup

Bryan Eisenberg… Continue reading

Never, Ever, Pay For Traffic

My phone just rang and I took the call. A very effective sales guy offered me traffic. Every functioning neuron in my under-caffeinated brain fired with the instinctive response ‘no no no!’. I resisted the urge to just hang up, because Dear Reader, part of my job is to listen to such pitches and sift through them on your behalf. Should I stumble upon a diamond, or anything else made of carbon, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I may well be packed-to-the-gills with hubris, but why am I so sure that paying for traffic is always wrong?… Continue reading