No Touching Unless You’re Trained

How many people do you pay to touch your web presence? Nowadays, anyone accidentwho changes your site or outbound communication has the potential to derail your hard-earned search marketing progress.

Sure, your staff and consultants are smart – and well intended. But this isn’t enough today. Anyone with access must now have a basic knowledge of search marketing. If you have a large staff, I’ll bet you’re starting to get the picture.

Are you already familiar with some of the following mistakes? Perhaps your:

  • Writers didn’t include your top keywords in the main copy
  • Design team

Using Web Analytics for SEO

Did you know that your web analytics system can be applied to your search engine optimization strategy? The keywords your visitors used to get to your site are prime candidates for optimization. But don’t just look at visit counts for each keyword, because that’s only a small part of the story.

Learn more about search engine optimization course here.

To take advantage of this process, you will need three things in place:

  1. You must reveal the goal of your site to your web analytics tool. For example, your “Thank you” page, or your email-sign-up-page

What I learned at SES New York

Most of the Market Motive Faculty attended and/or spoke at the recent Search Engine Strategies New York. I believe this is the first full SES conference without Danny Sullivan. Though he is missed, the Incisive management team put on an excellent conference attended by over 8,000 folks looking to learn about online marketing.

Market Motive did a co-promotion with Incisive, so while I try to avoid shipping booths & staff cross country, we took a space on the show floor. Honestly, I’m glad we did.

I jot down notes on each day’s experiences at these events… Continue reading