Herd Immunity Via Trust Seals

Trust seals such as the ubiquitous Better Business Bureau or the online equivalents such as Hacker Safe are designed to put the consumer at ease when doing business with a stranger. A website displaying Hacker Safe should yield better conversion rates since the consumer has confidence their credit card data cannot be stolen by hackers.


In line with the recent focus on teaching best practices for testing, we recommended to a Market Motive subscriber that instead of assuming Hacker Safe improves conversion rates they actually test it. Subscribing to Hacker Safe is not cheap and it must be justified through ROI.… Continue reading

Mobile Web Is No Longer Special

If you own a website I’ll bet some marketing ding-dong already told you about the importance of the mobile web. In fact I’ll bet someone beat you over the head with it.

Perhaps someone showed you WAP in 2001 and told you it was the wave of the future. This [WAP] is [WAP] going [WAP] to [WAP] change [WAP] everything [DUCK]. Enough with the [WAP]!! It hurts my head.

WAP died and nobody mourns it.… Continue reading