Is the hyperlink headed for extinction?

10 years ago people needed hyperlinks from page to page because finding stuff was so hard. We needed a human being to tell us where other relevant stuff was, via those handy instructions baked right into the content.

Google then exploited these links as a way of determining which page is most relevant, creating the famous PageRank mechanism.

I’m wondering if people use these in-content hyperlinks less these days. After all, relevant stuff is just a search away. With the advent of browser toolbar search boxes, it’s even easier for people to search instead of using hyperlinks… Continue reading

Limits on Google Analytics Segmentation

Google-Analytics-Limits-SegmentationGoogle analytics currently imposes limits on the number of profiles (50) and the number of characters used in a report filter (256). But it was refreshing to find no limit to the number of statements in an advanced segment or to the number of characters in the regular expression field within a statement.

Nice move Google! Segmentation rocks!

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In my testing, patience ran out at 45 statements which tested as… Continue reading