AdWords Now Shows Actual Phrase Used for Click

Google AdWords has finally relented and now shows advertisers the exact keyword behind every click on our ads.

It’s very simple to view this new data:


Select the “Search Query Report” under the “Reports” tab in your AdWords account.


In the example above, we are prompted to place a negative match on the keyword “Free”.

Use this report on phrase match and broad match groups to find negative keywords as well as surprise… Continue reading

Dreadful Landing Pages Lead to Low Bounce Rate. HUH?

I’m shopping for another new bicycle chain. My wife suspects I buy them based on fashion because I get a new one every season (oh no – that’s last season’s chain – everyone’s riding titanium this season). No, sweet girl of mine, it’s not the passing seasons per se that dictate a new chain, it’s the stress of being propelled up the Santa Cruz Mountains. This causes the chain to stretch, which in turn causes the gears to wear rapidly because the chain spacing no longer lines up with the gear teeth. I change chain every 1-2000 miles of riding… Continue reading