Online Marketing Trends for 2012

online marketing trends for 2012

There are lots of predictions for 2012, some more fantastic than others. Sure, there’s going to be change, but it needn’t be disastrous. Change, when you’re prepared for it, becomes opportunity.

So what kinds of changes in Online Marketing should you be preparing for?

Do a quick search for “online marketing trends in 2012″ and you’ll find plenty to read. Every marketer has their opinion, and they’re all offering prognostications in their particular areas of expertise: SEO, PPC, conversion, social media, or web analytics.

Those individual online marketing disciplines work best together: SEO and PPC put your message in front of searchers and motivated shoppers, conversion optimization turns those visitors into buyers, social media builds and maintains real relationships with those customers, and web analytics crunches the numbers and finds opportunities for data-driven improvement.

Where can you go for a qualified, single source presenting online marketing trends for 2012 from respected industry experts across all disciplines?

Right here.

We brought our faculty together here at Market Motive for a brainstorming session to talk about the trends online marketers should watch for in 2012. We brewed a pot of coffee, gathered around the conference table, freed up the whiteboard, and each instructor offered up the top three trends they think you should know about during the coming year.… Continue┬áreading