Why A Great Site Audit Is Great For Business

Guest post from Annie Cushing of Annielytics.com


annie cushing
Annie Cushing

When is being audited a good thing?

When it sheds light on the aligned goals of multiple stake holders across departments and leads to increased leads, conversions, and closes.

That’s why a thorough, professional site audit should be at the top of the list for any organization that wants to enhance visibility, improve effectiveness, and increase revenues. Because a site audit — a real, top down, under-the-hood site audit with recommendations, priorities, and action steps written in language the C-Suite can understand and department heads can implement — is priceless.

A real site audit isn’t just going to highlight critical (if mundane) issues like links, keywords, and page titles; it’s going to find opportunities in PPC, multimedia, social media, and branding.

Market Motive’s seo course covers site audit and other major search engine optimization techniques.

And consequently, it’s going to empower IT, Marketing, and Management to define some common goals and come together for strategic and tactical harmony.

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