The Power of Professional Training – Find what you’re looking for!

phil linkedinPhil Leacock found exactly what he was looking for.

He was looking for training to help impact his social media strategy. And he wanted to get that training from people who had real-world business experience.

Phil spent months looking for the best training provider; ultimately, he found everything he needed at Market Motive.

The training he got made a huge difference to his mastery of social marketing strategy, and to his personal ability to lead the change.

His advice?… Continue reading

Master Minute: Editorial Calendars and Trends

karen taggart60 seconds. Awesome digital marketing advice.

Want a single golden nugget of internet marketing wisdom?

Of course you do. And our graduates are here to deliver.

In our Master Minute series, we ask our successful Master Certification graduates just one question:

“If you had one minute to share a single valuable piece of marketing advice you learned from Market Motive with another marketer or small business owner, what would you tell them?”… Continue reading

Walter Simpson III: New Skills, New Confidence, New Career

spotlightEvery now and then we like to shine a light on our students’ successes.

We demand a lot from them in our courses, and they work hard to earn their certifications! So it’s great to see that hard work pay off, and be able to share their stories.

Walter Simpson III Challenged Himself

Walter had always had a passion for working online. So he set himself a lofty goal: To become a professional SEO before the end of 2013.

But he knew that if he wanted to really achieve that goal and kick-start his career, he needed specialized training that would enhance his skills and break any bad SEO habits.

He looked into university training, and considered other online courses, but ultimately he landed at Market Motive, where he studied SEO with Todd Malicoat.… Continue reading

The Power of Professional Training: Prove You’re a Master

Dagmar Gatell proved she was a Master.

seo-master-dagmar-gatell-omcp Back in 2010, Dagmar Gatell was already working as a search marketing expert. But with the landscape getting increasingly competitive, she realized she needed to enhance her professional skills if she was going to compete – and win – as a digital marketer.

She knew she needed improved skills and knowledge that were current and authoritative, and she knew she wanted to get them from respected trainers who really practice what they preach.  She did her homework, comparing everything from free courses to university programs, and chose Market Motive to get the training she needed.

Now she wants to share her experience with you.… Continue reading