No Risk, No Reward



Yasser Akhtar is an overcomer who took a series of risks that not only landed him a full time job as an analyst at Benjamin Moore, but also put him in the Market Motive Spotlight.


Risk #1: Taking the Web Analytics Master Certification Course
A $999 course can look a bit risky, especially when you’re paying for it out of pocket. Yasser took a leap of faith by registering for the course and was surprised by what followed.

“I registered for the class – and I had no idea it would be the toughest class I’ve taken since college. I didn’t even pass it the first time.”

What? Didn’t pass?

It’s true that the Web Analytics Master Certification Course is notoriously difficult, but asking Avinash Kaushik to just hand out gold stars to everyone would be a waste. The course is hard, and Yasser finished with a lot of great feedback but no certification.… Continue reading

Home Depot: Now Building People

Home Depot is in the Market Motive Spotlight for Investing in Their People & Building Up Their Team


“More Saving. More Doing.” Home Depot’s slogan no longer applies to just those looking to remodel their kitchen. Head of SEO & Senior Manager, Sean Kainec, decided to challenge his already competent team to reach the next level of online marketing. Now not only is his team saving time and doing more with polished skills, but Sean has landed him and his team in the Market Motive Spotlight for positively investing into their people.

The Home Depot Challenge: Build A Stronger Team Fast

the home depotBecause of his own career experiences, Sean knew the importance of training and career development, and he wanted to support those values as a manager. Additionally, having the team go through training would help him manage more effectively:
It was a way to know what standard I could hold them to. So if everybody took the test and passed the test, at least I knew that we have a competency level of a certain amount, and that gave me a baseline for the whole team.… Continue reading

Where Are They Now?

spotlightJust seven days ago, we invited our Master Graduates to participate in a speedy competition on our Master Certified LinkedIn group and fill us in on where they are now. We’re proud of how our students have used their training to further their careers and their companies, and we are excited to recognize Top 10 Master Graduate “Where Am I Now” submissions in the Market Motive Spotlight.

Let’s start with our winner: Maurice Revah!


Where Am I Now? How Market Motive Helped Me Launch My Career

Maurice Revah, OMCP Senior Search Marketing Analyst at Media Experts

PPC Master Certification, Winter 2012

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Commerce in Marketing in June 2009 at the tail end of the recession, and like many other graduates, was forced to accept a job that was not my first choice. After giving this new role a chance for 18 months, I decided it was time for a change.… Continue reading

Market Motive Wins Top Product Award

UBT100Final aiUniversity Business Magazine is the most widely received, regularly read industry publication for two and four year colleges and universities all over the nation. For the second year in a row, the readers of University Business Magazine nominated a variety of products that have made positive differences at colleges and universities to receive the award for University Business Magazine Readers’ Choice Top Product for 2013.

There were loads of nominees to choose from, but amongst hundreds of nominees, Market Motive is proud to be a winner of the University Business Readers’ Choice of Top Product for 2013.… Continue reading

A Little Bird Told Us You Should Avoid Bad Link Neighborhoods

pow zapAvoiding Bad Links

The holiday season is over but doesn’t start feeling glum because we’re gifting you with a sneak peek at one of our very newest videos from Todd Malicoat’s SEO course.

We know you’re all sensible marketers and wouldn’t want to be caught in a bad neighborhood, and staying on the right side of the Google algorithm tracks is essential for your SEO efforts. Todd is here to help you understand where those bad link neighborhoods are and how to avoid them. Making sure all your link building is legitimate and above board will grant you favor with the ranking gods.

Check out this excerpt from “Avoiding Bad Links”.… Continue reading