Leading from the Front: TN Media’s Management Sets the Example

TN MediaGreat results come from great leadership, and great leadership comes from leading from the front.

That’s what works for TN Media.

TN Media, which placed in Market Motive’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams of 2013, didn’t simply assign digital marketing training to their 71 member team and walk away.

“We didn’t leave it up to our team on ‘if you want to do this,’” says Training Manager Margaret Tolbert, “it was, ‘We’re all doing this, and this is when it should be done.’”… Continue reading

How to Look Amazing in Your Next Marketing Meeting: Tips from Top Gun Katie Burnside

kburnsideAs part of the Master Minute Series, Social Media Top Gun Winner & Master Graduate Katie Burnside shared with us how to look like a rockstar at your next marketing meeting.

“One of the biggest things my company encourages is doing research about the different Social Media methods that are out there and the different tools that are available. So I definitely encourage people to go online at least for an hour. Spend an hour trying to find all the new tips and techniques that are out there, so you’re updated on the information. When you go into your next meeting, or you’re brought into the next campaign marketing plan, you’ll have an idea of the tools you use already, plus you’ll have these new ideas that nobody has thought of before. You’re going to look amazing and a rockstar in your own way.… Continue reading

Competition Breeds Cooperation – If You Do It Right

tower-of-certifications-4The Greenville News, a Gannett Company, placed in Market Motive’s Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams for 2013 after their 48 person team earned 108 certifications in just over six months.

“One of our teams was quite competitive [...] they tend to be competitive and want to be stars, which is what we want. In fact, one of the posts outside my office has all of the certificates of completion posted on the post for that team …” – Maggie Krost, VP of Sales & Marketing, The Greenville News Media Group

This competitive, success driven culture didn’t arise accidentally. Krost suggests these four steps to replicate their success:… Continue reading

Master Minute: Whose Opinion Are You Optimizing For?

As part of the Master Minute Series, PPC Top Gun Winner & Master Graduate Richard Farr shared with us what he called his revelation about quality score.

“You hear a lot of Pay Per Click people talking about optimizing your quality score, and really when we’re doing quality score, you’re optimizing for Google’s opinion of you. And you’re optimizing for Google’s revenue. I’ve got some campaigns I’m working on for clients where the quality score is atrocious, but the cost per conversion is phenomenal. And I couldn’t care less about the quality score, because these campaigns are so profitable… Continue reading

Content Marketing is the New Kid on the Fundamentals Block

Our Fundamentals Course is even more fantastic!

As if covering SEO, Analytics, Social, Conversion, Content Marketing, and PPC wasn’t enough…

We just added a whole new Content Marketing primer to the course.

In the wake of Panda and Penguin, Content Marketing takes on a new level of purpose, giving content creators all kinds of new opportunities… and a new complex strategy to develop.

In this short course, Content Marketing expert Greg Jarboe gives you a thorough overview of Content Marketing, answering the who, what, why, and how of Content.

Check out this juicy one minute… Continue reading