4 Ways to Leverage Training & Certifications: Lessons from the Award-Winning PCI Team

PCI is an integrated marketing communications firm known for going the extra mile for its clients. The agency extended this commitment to excellence into its Market Motive training program. As a result, it had a 100 percent completion and certification rate for its pilot group, placing the PCI team in the Top 10 Digital Marketing Teams for 2013

“We are always working to better ourselves, and really push that envelope for the benefit of our clients,” Beth Schlesinger, vice president at PCI, said. “We know that if we prioritize learning and experience new strategies and tactics, we’ll be better positioned to continue to innovate and provide creative ideas that help our clients meet their communication goals.”

The team’s highly successful program had four key components. If you take what they’ve done – and combine it with the culture of excellence, improvement, and achievement that’s already inherent to PCI – you’re one step closer to duplicating their results.

1. Get everyone (all skill levels and positions) on the same page.


At PCI, client teams are robust and include senior, and junior, level staff working together with the client to develop and execute successful programs. Having everyone, from PCI’s senior vice presidents to assistant account executives, on the same page, using the same language and being aware of the same digital marketing tools, streamlines the process and allows for better communication within the team and, thus, better results for the clients.… Continue reading

Top Guns: Winter 2014 Semester

Top Gun represents the crème de la crème of Market Motive students.

This elite distinction is awarded to the top performing student in each of our coached courses. All aspects of their performance are taken into consideration: homework, participation, final test score, and final project scores all count!

Learn More About Coached Courses >>

It’s always a fierce competition, and the winners represent an elite group who have proven that they not only know the material, but have mastered practical application of our courses and are highly capable of delivering results for their clients and companies.… Continue reading

Three Characteristics of a Trusted Agency, Demonstrated by Apokrisis

apokrisis-logoApokrisis is a small agency with big results. Managing Partner, Kristen Lindsey gave us a little insight into what sets them apart. She introduced it with, “It sounds so corporate, but…”

Let me assure you, though, Apokrisis doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk – all the way into the Spotlight. Now from them, we can learn the three characteristics of a trusted agency.… Continue reading

Facebook Policies Have Changed Again: So Should Yours. Here’s How.


It seems like Facebook is intentionally putting marketers in a tizzy with their updated ad policies.

In an effort to reduce the never ending memes and recycled content loaded with spam links, Facebook rolled out a new algorithm that makes original content much easier to promote.

Market Motive faculty member Jennifer Cario has the mindset marketers need to skirt around these new restrictions, and make the world of Facebook a little less repetitive.… Continue reading

Market Motive’s John Marshall Heads a Life-changing Project

We’re taking a moment on our blog today to share the story of our co-founder, John Marshall, and his personal efforts to bring medical and educational relief to Haiti.

John has been involved in donating and fundraising for Food for the Poor for a number of years, an organization that provides direct relief assistance by helping the poor in the Caribbean and Latin America.

In June 2013, John traveled to Ganthier, Haiti with Food for the Poor to see the work being done there and saw just how much help was still needed.

There he met a young boy called Stephenson who had a birth defect which had left him with virtually no fingers. He was able to use John’s iPad however, which John gave to him as a gift.