Understanding Unconventional IP Addresses

From the Market Motive Forums: What does it mean when an IP address is appended with /24?

Why Does My IP Have /24
When you get sent an IP address with a slash, or three parts instead of four, it can be a bit surprising.

An IPv4 address is a 32 bit number. By convention we write it as 4 octets separated by dots, because this makes it easier for humans to grok.

Thus a full IP is We call each number an octet because it’s 8 bits (8×4=32) and… Continue reading

7 Steps to Training Failure

7StepstoTrainingFailure copy

We’ve helped hundreds of marketing teams, large and small, get their digital marketing training programs up and running.

And we’ve learned that the secrets to success — and failure — are pretty consistent, regardless of your business size, and whether you’re an agency, an in-house marketing team, or an individual honing your personal skills.

In fact, whatever kind of training you’re pursuing, finishing successfully is hard work.

Failing, on the other hand, is easy if you know what to do.

So we thought we’d share the recipe for training failure. That way, it’ll be easier for you to avoid the pitfalls, and your energies will stay focused on the things that really work.… Continue reading

What If My Favorite Domain Is Unavailable?

From the Market Motive Forums: Should I settle for a “.info” domain or add dashes to get the domain I want?

wwwIf you think all the good domains are taken, you may be headed toward obscure work-arounds, like sacrificing a Top Level Domain (TLD) for an alternative suffix or adding dashes between your words.

Don’t give up. The effort you invest at the beginning will pay out in the long run. … Continue reading

Announcing Top Gun Winners from Spring 2014!

TopGunWinnersMarketMotiveSpring2014Market Motive’s Digital Marketing Coached Courses run quarterly and are attended by marketers from all around the world. Each semester we present one student in each discipline with the Top Gun Award to recognize mastery of both the knowledge of the material and its application.

We are proud and excited to announce the Top Gun Winners from the Spring 2014 semester.… Continue reading

How do you know a user’s keyword intent?

From the Market Motive Forums: How do you know a user’s keyword intent?keywordintent

Use keywords to work backward and determine your customer’s intent, then work forwards and help solve his or her problem with your solution.

Let’s take dog training, for example.

The generic keyword is, obviously, “dog training”.

Any words added to this are considered “intent” words.

Some words will be high context words (pain points), and some are low context words where intent is not clearly stated but they still provide additional information.

“Stop my dog from peeing,” for example, is a high context pain point with an immediate need. That’s a target that you could supplement with AdWords, since people are looking for immediate help. Your landing page for AdWords and organic searches needs to communicate both urgency and confidence in the solution.… Continue reading

6 Reasons Why Brands Need a Great Mobile Marketing Strategy


Are you still unclear about jumping on the mobile advertising bandwagon?

Not sure if your site needs a solid mobile strategy?

Mobile marketing is no longer a ‘trend’ of the future, it now makes or breaks any brand. Unfortunately, several brands fail to see the importance of mobile in their marketing strategy and fewer still are equipped to handle the change. It is becoming increasingly important for brands to integrate mobile marketing into their traditional digital marketing strategy. In fact, we could go

Why It’s Always a Bad Time for Training, And Why That Doesn’t Matter

Hundreds of teams train with Market Motive, and they’ve all had one thing in common: every team has trained at a bad time.

Want to know why?

It’s always a bad time for training.

What sets successful companies or agencies apart, though, is they have a powerful long-term vision that minimizes short-term obstacles.

In other words, if there’s a fire in the cockpit, put out the fire, but don’t forget to fly the plane.

Best selling author Stephen Covey offers a well-known time management matrix in his book 7 Habits for Highly Effective People. The Y-axis is importance, the X-axis is urgency, and the four quadrants represent the different ways we spend our time.


Avoid Quadrants Three and Four

Any successful company knows not to spend their time in Quadrant 4 (Not Urgent & Not Important).

Even Quadrant 3 (Urgent & Not Important) can be easily restricted with a little awareness that not every ringing phone needs to be answered, and not every email needs an immediate reply.

Understand The Difference Between Quadrants One and Two

What sets the companies that consistently excel apart from bottle-rocket companies that have quick success but high turnover and high stress is how they differentiate between Quadrant 1 (Important & Urgent) and Quadrant 2 (Important & Not Urgent).… Continue reading