New Video: Facebook Marketing, Part 2: Getting Started on Facebook

Facebook Marketing, Part 2 Getting Started on FacebookWe’re excited to introduce another fantastic Social Media video by Jennifer Cario: Facebook Marketing, Part 2: Getting Started on Facebook

When launching a Facebook page, it’s important to perform some key steps that establish the foundation of a solid Facebook reputation. Furthermore, it’s vital to keep up that reputation by continuing to interact with users and maintaining a content-driven, up-to-date page.

Discover the keys of establishing your company as reputable, personable, and approachable on Facebook. Use these guidelines to create a strong Facebook presence and build it to a sizable audience of engaged supporters and prospects.

In this video you will learn to:… Continue reading

New Video: Facebook Marketing, Part 1: Understanding Facebook

Understanding Facebook Part 1

We’re excited to introduce a new Social Media video by Jennifer Cario: Facebook Marketing, Part 1: Understanding Facebook

Why is Facebook the single most important channel for most companies?

Jennifer Evans Cario takes a look at Facebook’s diverse user base and demonstrates how you can benefit from understanding the social networks service options.

Marketing via Facebook enables individuals and companies to share and interact with various types of content. Learn how to leverage these interactions to build a personality for your business.

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Announcing Launch of New Email Foundations Course!

We’re launching a whole new series of primer courses.

Matt_EmailSocialIntegrationWe recently brought in our entire faculty to the Market Motive studio and filmed brand new video lessons for Web Analytics, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Conversion, Mobile, and Email.

Our production team is working fast and furious to get the series published, and we’re super excited to tell you that the the first to hit your training dashboard is Email Marketing.… Continue reading

Market Motive is Excited to Introduce the New Level 2: Foundations Series!

The Digital Marketing Foundations series will be replacing our Internet Marketing Fundamentals series over the next fourteen weeks. We’re super excited about introducing the new courses, and we know you’ll be excited about them too!

analytics-screenHow do we know you’ll be excited?

Because the new Level 2: Digital Marketing Foundations Course was made with your input in mind! Managers and individuals have given us lots of feedback on the previous Level 2: Fundamentals Course, and we took that feedback and ran with it!

The Level 2: Foundations Course is full of updated material that’s even more engaging, covers a wider range of topics, and gets you face-to-face with the faculty!

We know that this is a big (exciting) change, and big changes come with lots of questions. So, to put your questions to rest, let’s run through some of them.… Continue reading

Avinash Answers Your Web Analytics Questions Live During This Free Webinar (Free Prize Inside)

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 17 @ 9:30 am Pacific

Have Web Analytics Questions?

avinash-kaushik-portraitWhat are the most powerful analytics tools?

Best ways to measure top KPIs? Tips for building awesome dashboards? Breaking trends to watch? Biggest time sucks to avoid?

If you’ve got questions about web analytics, now’s your chance to get the answers you crave from Google’s own Digital Marketing Evangelist.

It’s “Open Mike Wednesday” and Avinash has your answers. But only if you’re here to ask…


How OMCP is Raising the Bar, and Why We’re Excited

Earning an OMCP Certification has been the goal for many Market Motive participants and teams. The industry recognized standard lends credibility to agencies, boosts resumes for individuals, and helps pre-vet applicants for hiring managers.

Historically, passing any Level 3 Practitioner Course or Level 4 Master Course automatically qualified an individual for OMCP. We’re excited to announce that starting February 28, 2015, the bar is being raised.

So why are we so excited?
There’s been a increasing realization that our industry needs t-shaped marketers, meaning marketers with a wide breadth of knowledge across all disciplines and a depthful knowledge about one or two specific disciplines.… Continue reading

Free Webinar: Using Storytelling To Increase Response For Your Social Campaigns

webinar-cal111Once Upon A Time…

…there was a marketer searching for the perfect social media campaign.

She’d tried all the latest tricks, but it wasn’t until she talked frankly with a trusted mentor that she discovered exactly what she was looking for.

And the answer turned out to be something so simple and evergreen, so fundamental, she was amazed she’d never considered it before.

Storytelling can be a powerful tool in social marketing … but there’s a right way and a wrong way to tap into that core human desire.

Want your next campaign to have a happy ending? Click here to register for free.

Phrase Match vs Broad Match Modifiers: How to Get The Best Results

Phrase Match vs Broad Match Modifiers

If you’re trying to improve your ranking in with Google, it’s important that you understand the differences between broad match modifier vs phrase match. It is helpful to equip yourself with a working understanding of PPC marketing. Understanding the differences will help you refine your SEO approach, and ultimately achieve better search rankings.

Phrase Match vs Broad Match Modifiers: Understanding the Differences

First, let’s clarify what phrase match, broad match and broad modified matches actually are.

Phrase Match

According to… Continue reading

Using Keywords in Search and Display Ads

Using keywords in search and display ads

I recently went through an article where the current modified use of keywords and ad group was mentioned, making me realize the bidding on keywords has now a whole different approach. Considering the fact that owning the keywords on a search engine which further displays your advertisement on a priority basis is the new revolution in marketing. The whole process is not as complex once you learn about it. There are numerous tools that can help you learn PPC, in case you’re just