New Conversion Optimization Foundations Course

conversion optimization foundations course Bryan Eisenberg

In this Conversion Optimization Foundations Course, Bryan Eisenberg will take you through everything you need to know about the world of conversion optimization.

From the importance of maintaining scent to assessing how many of the four personas your website is satisfying to modeling of customer behavior, this Conversion Optimization Foundations Course ties together all the main ingredients of good testing practices.

If you are doing Internet marketing and failing to test your site’s effectiveness, you are doing your business and your customers a disservice. Pinpoint your marketing focus and your missed conversion opportunities with these critical tips and strategies from the industry leader in website optimization.

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Bidding According to Match Type

Bidding According to Match TypeFrom the Market Motive Forum: I recently received the following fantastic question regarding bidding according to match type from a Market Motive student.

“I’ve seen people who split their ad groups into the three match types like this:

  1. Exact
  2. Phrase
  3. Broad

I understand that by taking keywords that perform well and moving them up, then adding them as negative keywords for the previous group, we can ensure that they show for the exact match and not the broad match.

Can we simply not leave the different match types in the same group ‘Marketing Training’ and adjust the bids so that the bid amount for exact match > phrase match > broad match?… Continue reading

Keyword Research Q&A with Todd Malicoat

keyword research market motiveFrom the Market Motive Forum: A student has questions about keyword research. Todd Malicoat has the answers.

Earlier this week over in the member’s only forum, a student said, “I’ve been watching your keyword research videos, and I could use clarification in understanding the research topic as a concept.”

Below are the answers to her questions that I hope you might find helpful as well.… Continue reading

Breaking: Members Webinar Schedule Change

avinash kaushik market motiveGoogle’s just made some changes to the Acquisition Reporting features of Google Analytics … and we thought you ought to know sooner rather than later.

So we’re juggling our webinar schedule to get this info to you asap.

Our January 29th Web Analytics webinar, “Understanding Universal Analytics,” has been moved to February 17.

On January 29th, we’ll be highlighting those new changes to Google Analytics Acquisition Reporting with “Dude, Where’s My Acquisition Report?

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Social Media Foundations Course Launched

social media foundations courseIn this Social Media Foundations Course, Jennifer Cario will take you through everything you need to know to be able to embark on an end-to-end Social Media marketing campaign

From basic planning strategies to Social Media channel opportunities to testing and evaluating your Social Media campaigns, this Social Media Foundations Course will establish some basic guidelines, opportunities, and strategies for evaluating your company’s needs and putting together a well thought out Social Media marketing campaign.

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Market Motive Member Perks Provide Huge Discounts

Market Motive member perks provide over $1,500 in discounts and savings exclusively for enrolled participants

Market Motive Members Perks We’re super excited today to announce the launch of our brand spanking new Market Motive member perks program.

The perks program gives Market Motive members access to tremendous discounts from some of the leading tool and service providers in the industry. In fact, members can save over $1,500!

Please note: Only members can view the details of the perks offered. Log into the “Start Here Page” of the member’s dashboard to access… Continue reading

Announcing Launch of 4-Part Series on Video & YouTube Marketing

We are thrilled to announce a new four-part series from Greg Jarboe that shows you everything you need to know about video and YouTube marketing!

Part 1 – Video & YouTube Marketing: Establishing a Video Marketing Strategy

Establishing a Video Marketing StrategyTaking your existing TV commercials and putting them on a YouTube channel is not a YouTube video marketing strategy. A great video marketing strategy should leverage the unique behaviors that users crave on YouTube. Successful vloggers respond to comments on their videos, and brands should too. Successful YouTube stars release multiple videos a week, and brands should too. Successful YouTube channels create videos beyond 30-second commercials, and brands should too.

Greg covers these tactics and more as he introduces the world of video marketing. See how to create a YouTube marketing plan that excites your viewers and garners attention from those beyond your core audience.

Learn more about Content Marketing Certification Training.

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New Video: Facebook Marketing, Part 3: Understanding the Facebook Algorithm & News Feed

Facebook Algorithm News FeedGet ready for another fantastic social media video by Jennifer Cario: Facebook Marketing, Part 3: Understanding the Facebook Algorithm & News Feed

Imagine you just spent many hours crafting a fantastic blog post that your fans are going to adore. Now you need to share it on Facebook and get it into the feeds of your followers. The Facebook News Feed algorithm determines if that will happen.

The News Feed algorithm takes into account past engagement, time since post, and other factors. Discover how to make the algorithm work for you by driving genuine engagement on your page. Use this power to make sure your audience reads that blog post, or whatever other message you need to share.

In this video you will learn to:… Continue reading