Just When You Think You Don’t Need Training, K.T. Proves Even a pro in the Industry Can Reach the next Level

karen taggart linkedinK.T. identified her knowledge gap
Karen Taggart (K.T.) was hardly inexperienced. She’d spent 20 years in the industry as a writer and content manager. However, when it came to social media, K.T. realised she could increase her knowledge of the business uses. Social media was here to stay.

She knew her writing experience would help her to produce effective content, but what she needed to know was how to effectively position that content and how the channels all fit together.

“I needed to see how this fits in for my clients — not just in theory, but in practice. And I work much better if I can see the broad view of things.”… Continue reading

Avinash Kaushik says Ask Me Anything

avinash_kaushik-bwDon’t miss out on this rare public Ask Me Anything from Avinash… bring your burning questions next Thursday, June 26th.

You’ve got questions. Avinash has answers.

What are the most powerful tools? Favorite reports? Breaking trends? Biggest time wasters?

If you’ve got questions about web analytics, now’s your chance to get the answers you crave from Google’s own highly recognized and respected Digital Marketing Evangelist.

If you want to learn all the secrets Avinash has to offer, just click on the big orange button below and join us!… Continue reading

Avinash’s Market Motive Master Certification Manifesto: Web Analytics

avinash-kaushik-portraitEvery quarter, we offer a series of coached courses in digital marketing.

The courses are hard. Really hard. They demand a lot of dedication and focus from the students to successfully complete. SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics… they’re all challenging courses.

Especially Web Analytics… this intensive course with Avinash Kaushik and John Marshall is easily the most challenging course we offer. Every single time.

What we’ve learned is, having a roadmap to success, a plan for staying focused and organized and realistic dramatically improves your chances of successfully completing the course and becoming a true Master of digital marketing.

So every quarter, Avinash gives his Web Analytics students a guide to victory, a manifesto of study habits to lead them through the perils and pitfalls of the master course.

And a lot of his advice is relevant to coached study in all the disciplines, not just web analytics.

So we thought we’d share it here, to give you an idea of what you’re in for, and how you can best set yourself up for success.

Here goes…… Continue reading

Facebook Policies Have Changed Again: So Should Yours. Here’s How.


It seems like Facebook is intentionally putting marketers in a tizzy with their updated ad policies.

In an effort to reduce the never ending memes and recycled content loaded with spam links, Facebook rolled out a new algorithm that makes original content much easier to promote.

Market Motive faculty member Jennifer Cario has the mindset marketers need to skirt around these new restrictions, and make the world of Facebook a little less repetitive.… Continue reading

Market Motive’s John Marshall Heads a Life-changing Project

We’re taking a moment on our blog today to share the story of our co-founder, John Marshall, and his personal efforts to bring medical and educational relief to Haiti.

John has been involved in donating and fundraising for Food for the Poor for a number of years, an organization that provides direct relief assistance by helping the poor in the Caribbean and Latin America.

In June 2013, John traveled to Ganthier, Haiti with Food for the Poor to see the work being done there and saw just how much help was still needed.

There he met a young boy called Stephenson who had a birth defect which had left him with virtually no fingers. He was able to use John’s iPad however, which John gave to him as a gift.



Communication and Collaboration: Rise Interactive’s Team Structure Builds Success

rise interactiveRise Interactive: the leading digital marketing agency, who’s showing the industry how it’s done.

Rise’s success has a lot to do with the agency’s passion for nurturing teams and efficiently dividing those teams to produce the award winning results.

We talked with Rise’s Director of Marketing Brad Messinger, and got the inside scoop on Rise’s approach to team structure.… Continue reading

Content Marketing is the New Kid on the Fundamentals Block

Our Fundamentals Course is even more fantastic!

As if covering SEO, Analytics, Social, Conversion, Content Marketing, and PPC wasn’t enough…

We just added a whole new Content Marketing primer to the course.

In the wake of Panda and Penguin, Content Marketing takes on a new level of purpose, giving content creators all kinds of new opportunities… and a new complex strategy to develop.

In this short course, Content Marketing expert Greg Jarboe gives you a thorough overview of Content Marketing, answering the who, what, why, and how of Content.

Check out this juicy one minute… Continue reading

The Power Of Professional Web Analytics Training – More Than Theory

paoloPaolo Ramazzotti needed a practical approach.

When looking for Web Analytics training, he found courses that were too theory based.

He needed something more.

Paolo found that Market Motive courses would give him the strategic knowledge he needed; and that specifically, the Master Certification courses, with their real-world final projects, would make sure that he could put what he was learning to use straight away.… Continue reading