How Many Content Marketing Tactics Are Needed for B2B, B2C Audience?

B2B B2C Market MotiveFrom the Market Motive Forums: How Many Tactics Do You Need?

I received a good question from a Market Motive student in the member’s only forum the other day regarding B2B and B2C content marketing tactics.

The student learned through her fundamentals course that effective B2B marketers use 13 different tactics (white paper, case study, research report, etc.) on average while B2C marketers utilize 12.

Her question: If a company sells B2B, but still needs to have a B2C presence and interaction level to get people to ask about products distributed through B2B partners, does that mean her team will have to juggle 25 different tactics? She also wondered if there would be some overlap to cut this number down if there are just a few messaging tweaks per tactic.

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Vimeo vs YouTube – Which should you be using?

You’ve got a client who wants their videos online and optimized. But they prefer Vimeo to YouTube.

vimeo vs youtube

Should you let them build their campaign on Vimeo? Recommend they  focus on YouTube? Or is a two-pronged approach in your client’s best interest?

That’s this week’s hot topic in the Market Motive discussion forum. And although I’ve already weighed in with the members on the forums, I thought I’d… Continue reading