How Will Facebook’s Upcoming Algorithm Changes Impact Your Page?

facebook Algorithm ChangesFacebook announced some upcoming algorithm changes recently that may have an impact on the posting style you use for your Facebook page.

The basic gist is that “promotional” content – meaning content that aims to get people to sign up, register, buy, etc. – is going to be taking a hit in the algorithm. Facebook wants to shift that type of content to advertising and have brands focus more on offering education, insight, and entertainment in the news feeds.

It makes sense from Facebook’s perspective, but to be honest, it’s annoying as a marketer.… Continue reading

How to Get Your First Followers on Twitter and Facebook

market motive social mediaFrom the Market Motive Forums: Here’s How to Build Your Audience on Twitter and Facebook

I bet this scenario sounds familiar: A client asks you to build its social media properties, including Twitter and Facebook. You create the accounts, add the company logo, and fill in all the important fields like business location, store hours, mission statement, and all that fun stuff.

Everyone is super pleased that there are social media pages today where yesterday none existed.

But now what?… Continue reading

Hashtag Guide for Events: How to Use Hashtags


We cannot say this enough! Hashtags are here to stay! Hashtags have changed the way information is relayed and can bring people together in ways that few other things can.  

With these tools, the information people receive is no longer limited to the people around them; in fact, with the help of hashtags, people can now spread an idea or a revolution across political and geographical boundaries.

Given that these tools are now part of the world’s social structure, it is no

How to Find Influencers For Your Small Business: Part 2

From the Market Motive Forums: Where Are Your Influencers?

In part one of finding influencers for your small business, we talked at length about identifying the product you are offering and ways to initially identify your target audience.

We then talked about social reviews as ways to identify those in your area that already have an affinity for your product and how those reviews can help you identify any local competition.

Are you ready to see your next steps?… Continue reading

How to Find Influencers For Your Small Business: Part 1

From the Market Motive Forums: Where Are Your Influencers?

If you’ve recently opened a small, local business (or are working for one in some capacity) one of the first things you need to do is figure out who the influencers are in your area. These early evangelists will provide the online reviews and positive word of mouth you need to get both new and repeat customers.

You know there are customers out there that will love your product or service, but how do you go about finding them?… Continue reading

How Do You Know Where Your Audience Is Online?

From the Market Motive Forums: How To Find Where Your Audience Is Going

Where is your audience?Let’s say you have a brand new online business and have a pretty keen sense of the demographics you’d like to target. How do you go about discovering the platform they spend the most time with?

Generally you’ll find where your audience is by going to different platforms and searching for them.

Keep in mind your audience is never as simple as an age range and location. There are always other factors, primarily the interests of the people who might become your customers. You’ll have to dig deeper on defining who they are and what they are looking for.… Continue reading

3 Questions to Ask Yourself When an Offer Fails

From the Market Motive Forums: 100 people clicked “Get this offer” to receive a coupon, but nobody went to the store to redeem it. What happened?

When an offer flops, there could be several things at play.

But there’s good news! If you have you tracking set up properly, you can usually find the problem and correct it before your next campaign.

If you have people click “get this offer” button, but no one shows up in a store, here are the top three questions to ask yourself:… Continue reading

Why Culture is More Important Than Social Media, and Other Lessons from the Painful Comcast Call

Chances are, you’ve already heard the painfully long Comcast customer service call – 5.4 million people have! In case you haven’t heard the call yet, here’s the summary: A man called Comcast to cancel his service, and the customer service representative was far less than helpful. Painfully unhelpful, actually.

As you may expect, the call went viral and exploded all over social media – but this is not a social media problem. This is a problem with culture and customer service.

The biggest lesson to learn here: No matter how much work you put into your social media reputation, if your culture is bad, it doesn’t take much to make it all crumble.

How Often Should You Repeat a Tweet?

From the Market Motive Forums: How Often Should I Repeat a Tweet?

Tweets are literally here one second and gone the next. As a result, marketers can be tempted to repeat a single message multiple times using scheduling tools.

Some tools may restrict publishing similar messages in a small time frame. This isn’t because of a strict tweeting law, it’s more likely to encourage proper tweeting etiquette.… Continue reading