Understanding Unconventional IP Addresses

From the Market Motive Forums: What does it mean when an IP address is appended with /24?

Why Does My IP Have /24
When you get sent an IP address with a slash, or three parts instead of four, it can be a bit surprising.

An IPv4 address is a 32 bit number. By convention we write it as 4 octets separated by dots, because this makes it easier for humans to grok.

Thus a full IP is We call each number an octet because it’s 8 bits (8×4=32) and… Continue reading

A case study in customer-centric thinking

How one online company is embracing the customer experience to instill confidence, improve conversions, generate referrals, and retain customers.

Lately I’ve been studying some of the new models for promoting local businesses online … daily deal websites in particular. I signed up for Groupon and Juice In The City deals and have been researching the types of businesses that promote through them.

gophoto photo scanning serviceOne offer on Juice In The City caught my eye. It’s from a company called GoPhoto and they provide a… Continue reading

Dreadful Landing Pages Lead to Low Bounce Rate. HUH?

I’m shopping for another new bicycle chain. My wife suspects I buy them based on fashion because I get a new one every season (oh no – that’s last season’s chain – everyone’s riding titanium this season). No, sweet girl of mine, it’s not the passing seasons per se that dictate a new chain, it’s the stress of being propelled up the Santa Cruz Mountains. This causes the chain to stretch, which in turn causes the gears to wear rapidly because the chain spacing no longer lines up with the gear teeth. I change chain every 1-2000 miles of riding… Continue reading

People Don’t Read Copy; Only Googlebot Has Time

If you’re a marketer working online, you know that consumers are distracted and have an ever diminishing attention span. When we’re teaching companies how to market online we have to keep reminding them to reduce the amount of copy to bullet points, headlines and scannable text. Consumers simply don’t read body copy anymore.

On the other hand, those doing SEO will repeatedly hear that you need good copy in your pages so Googlebot knows what the page is talking about.

Learn more about Market Motive’s SEO certification training.

So there lies the paradox: Googlebot is… Continue reading

Is the hyperlink headed for extinction?

10 years ago people needed hyperlinks from page to page because finding stuff was so hard. We needed a human being to tell us where other relevant stuff was, via those handy instructions baked right into the content.

Google then exploited these links as a way of determining which page is most relevant, creating the famous PageRank mechanism.

I’m wondering if people use these in-content hyperlinks less these days. After all, relevant stuff is just a search away. With the advent of browser toolbar search boxes, it’s even easier for people to search instead of using hyperlinks… Continue reading

Post SES Pizza Party

We wrapped up another SES conference by dragging everyone down to my house in Santa Cruz and feeding them pizza, pulled pork and wine. I did some of the cooking myself as you can see, and we also had help from a Santa Cruz Catering company named Life Style Culinary, who I rate very highly. Seems like people had fun, which is all that matters.

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More pictures (taken by my friend Brad Haakenson) Continue reading

Herd Immunity Via Trust Seals

Trust seals such as the ubiquitous Better Business Bureau or the online equivalents such as Hacker Safe are designed to put the consumer at ease when doing business with a stranger. A website displaying Hacker Safe should yield better conversion rates since the consumer has confidence their credit card data cannot be stolen by hackers.


In line with the recent focus on teaching best practices for testing, we recommended to a Market Motive subscriber that instead of assuming Hacker Safe improves conversion rates they actually test it. Subscribing to Hacker Safe is not cheap and it must be justified through ROI.… Continue reading

Mobile Web Is No Longer Special

If you own a website I’ll bet some marketing ding-dong already told you about the importance of the mobile web. In fact I’ll bet someone beat you over the head with it.

Perhaps someone showed you WAP in 2001 and told you it was the wave of the future. This [WAP] is [WAP] going [WAP] to [WAP] change [WAP] everything [DUCK]. Enough with the [WAP]!! It hurts my head.

WAP died and nobody mourns it.… Continue reading