How to Change Unsubscribe Rates Through Generosity

What makes you stay on an email subscription list?

I posed this question to a few of our own subscribers and the answers were both surprising and expected.

The reasons they stay on had little to do with the subject line or the time of day we send our newsletters — we know these have more to do with the open rate. What keeps people subscribed boils down to one thing: The expectation of something valuable in the email.

In my email marketing course, I teach that there is a direct and inverse relation between the… Continue reading

Are you a domainer? Here’s why it doesn’t work.

Why domaining rarely works.

Ask an internet marketer “how many domains do you personally own?” Now ask, “How many have you developed?” Chances are the domains are simply parked, collecting dust. Successful domainers are like commodity traders — 98% fail.


Why do domainers usually fail?

Because it takes work. The idea that a great one-word domain like guarantees direct type-in traffic (and truckloads of money) is a myth. So is domain parking. And revshare. It takes a tremendous amount of real effort, research, and development to bring a site up… Continue reading

Speaking on Banned Sites at WebmasterWorld Pubcon Vegas

I’ll be sharing best practices for assessing and recovering banned sites this next Wednesday at WebmasterWorld Pubcon Las Vegas.


It’s pretty hard to get ‘accidentally’ banned by Google these days. Either someone reports your site for a borderline technique or you are knowingly pushing the boundaries and trigger a flag with the engines. In both cases, there is intent.

We’ve been through the process of advising our friends and clients for the recovery of hundreds of banned sites. It’s not always pretty, but I’ll share what we’ve learned in… Continue reading

Lists of Tool Lists

Conversion specialist Bryan Eisenberg just posted a great list of 69 Free or Low Cost Tools to Improve Your Web Site :


Here are a few of my other favorite tool lists:

SEO Guru Todd Malicoat’s summary of “Tool Time With Todd” twitter sessions:

Of course, the seoMOZ tool sets:

And then some excellent research tools from AdCenter Labs: My favorite is the Commercial Intent Tool.

Bookmark ‘em… Continue reading

What I hate about Google Webmaster Tools

Dear Google,

I used to Love your webmaster tools. You have lots of great features, like site map configuration, crawler diagnostics and top search queries and positions. But why must you tease us by pretending to report on incoming links?

Sure, you call it a “sampling” and carefully word your descriptions with phrases like “links we have available to show you.”

If “Links to your site” is a sampling, and the basis isn’t known or consistent, then what is the intended use of the report?


Case… Continue reading

Alan Rimm Kaufman

I am very sad to have lost a friend and colleague, Alan Rimm Kaufman, this last Saturday, July 18, 2009.

Alan’s experience and knowledge made him a great partner for us at Market Motive. His character and kindness made it easy to be his friend.

Early Days at Market Motive: Alan, Michael, John, and Tyler in 2007

Our times working and visiting with Alan were truly a joy and we will miss him… Continue reading

Facebook Vanity URLs Restrictions Lifted

Back on June 13, 2009 over 500,000 Facebook users managed to grab a Facebook Vanity URL as their own unique mark in the social media landscape. Now millions are grabbing the chance to have a distinct, indexable web address for a personal or business presence through Facebook.


In the first land rush, Facebook imposed some account age requirements to limit name squatting and the organization offered some allowance for trademarked names, but this also has ended.

As of last Monday, June 29, 2009, the account age restriction has been… Continue reading

Google seems to be dropping links from Twitter

Last night we noticed that Google dropped links from the Twitter Profile page for a significant number of web sites.

For our own web sites and our clients’ sites, we monitor new links and links lost. It’s a good practice for any SEO. More importantly, we monitor when Google recognizes or disregards incoming links to a website as reported in Google Webmaster tools.

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We’ve noticed these events seem to occur in clusters, and last night indicated that Google is thinking less of links from Twitter… Continue reading

AdWords Now Shows Actual Phrase Used for Click

Google AdWords has finally relented and now shows advertisers the exact keyword behind every click on our ads.

It’s very simple to view this new data:


Select the “Search Query Report” under the “Reports” tab in your AdWords account.


In the example above, we are prompted to place a negative match on the keyword “Free”.

Use this report on phrase match and broad match groups to find negative keywords as well as surprise… Continue reading

Limits on Google Analytics Segmentation

Google-Analytics-Limits-SegmentationGoogle analytics currently imposes limits on the number of profiles (50) and the number of characters used in a report filter (256). But it was refreshing to find no limit to the number of statements in an advanced segment or to the number of characters in the regular expression field within a statement.

Nice move Google! Segmentation rocks!

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In my testing, patience ran out at 45 statements which tested as… Continue reading