Why We’re Taking a Risk and Dropping Our Coached Course Prices

$3500 > $1995

You might have noticed that the price for our Coached Courses has recently dropped from $3500 to $1995.

We know some of you have noticed, because you’re quickly flooding the roster.

But once the joy subsides, the 43% price drop may leave you wondering:

Why the change?

It’s a legitimate question.

First, here’s what hasn’t changed: We haven’t changed the course content, and we haven’t reduced the features. We’ve only reduced the price.

Here’s why: It’s an experiment in impact.

We want to impact more lives, not deeper wallets.

There are hundreds of people every semester who genuinely want to take a Coached Course; but unfortunately not all of them have the resources to join us.

Because we really want to help people improve their careers and their lives, our Learning Plan Specialists have always worked hard to find creative ways to accommodate as many people as possible.

Our specialist have taken actions like working out payment plans for those who needed more time, helping needy students find Workforce funding, or working with employers to develop and subsidize professional development programs.

Still, we couldn’t shake the feeling that we were leaving some eager and deserving would-be students out in the cold… that try as we might, there were just some people who simply weren’t able to find ways to get into this powerful training at the $3500 price point.

It’s a fact that the Coached Course changes lives, so this semester, we’re running an experiment to see how many more lives we can change if we lower the barrier to entry.

“Right out of Market Motive, I was put in charge of managing the SEM account for a national Telco, and never once did I feel overwhelmed. Market Motive truly prepares and equips you with the tools you need to be a successful digital marketing professional.” – Maurice Revah, OMCP – Senior Search Marketing Analyst at Media Experts

“After discovering and joining Market Motive in early 2011 my professional life has changed completely and for the better.” – Yasser Akhtar, The Encima Group

“I can truly say without hesitation that registering with Market Motive was the first big step I took which has enabled me to advance my career to a new level and develop into a well-rounded Internet Marketing professional.” – Kam Kazemi, Marketing Specialist at Productivity Associates, Inc.

Why lower the asking price? Why not just offer deeper discounts to those who need them?

Also a good question.

We’re worried that for every person who feels the $3500 price is beyond their reach but still reaches out for assistance, there are more who simply leave without asking, and never get the opportunity to learn. So we’re hoping that by putting the new more accessible price right on the site, those folks will see that the training is within their reach, and be motivated to start out on their path to digital marketing mastery.

What’ll constitute a win?

More students, and a shorter sales cycle.

More students: There will still be a ceiling on registrations… we want our student/coach ratio to remain low so we can maintain the personal guidance we’ve become famous for. But if we can lower the price and impact a few more lives, it’s a win.

Shorter sales cycle: That’s good for everyone. We know that some students are forced to put off this professional training, and thus put off improving their campaigns, careers, and lives. That makes us sad, because there’s no better time to make life better than now.

And of course, it is still a business. And shorter sales cycles are more efficient. So, win-win.

What’ll constitute a fail?

Not getting a few more people into the program.

Helping more people enhance their careers and businesses without a revenue drop, that’s a win. Dropping the price without an increase in registration? Not so much.

After all, altruism aside, we need to pay our awesome faculty that you love so much, the customer support team that answers your emails and calls, the creators and producers of the expert curriculum, the folks who manage corporate groups, and the other teams here that help to reliably deliver your life changing education.

Which is why this is an experiment. We don’t want to stay locked in at $3500 just because that’s how we’ve always done it; but we also won’t be able to maintain the low price without a boost in enrollment.

So we’re taking a risk and dropping the price for one semester on the assumption that you care about your education and future as much as we do.

Are we right?

You’ll let us know.

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