Just When You Think You Don’t Need Training, K.T. Proves Even a pro in the Industry Can Reach the next Level

karen taggart linkedinK.T. identified her knowledge gap
Karen Taggart (K.T.) was hardly inexperienced. She’d spent 20 years in the industry as a writer and content manager. However, when it came to social media, K.T. realised she could increase her knowledge of the business uses. Social media was here to stay.

She knew her writing experience would help her to produce effective content, but what she needed to know was how to effectively position that content and how the channels all fit together.

“I needed to see how this fits in for my clients — not just in theory, but in practice. And I work much better if I can see the broad view of things.”

She worked hard and made the most of the course
K.T. mastered the social channels, learning their stats, users, and purposes, as well as how to adjust a campaign based on the analytics.

She took every homework assignment extremely seriously, and applied her new knowledge in the context of her previous experience so she could see the larger picture. Resultingly, she was able to compile an impressive final project in the form of a comprehensive strategy for a client at the end of the semester.

“The thing that I really liked about the program was the use-case. It was imperative. Having the context that I was going to have to put together a program for a company made it so much more real for me — you know, having a client in mind. It allowed me to look at each channel in terms of that customer. So that tied it all together for me.”

She finished at the top of her class
After an intensive three months of hard work, K.T. walked away with not only her Master Certification and the additional distinction of Market Motive Top Gun, but with the ability to put her expert content in front of the right people using social media correctly.

She continues to broaden her knowledge and increase the value she can provide to her clients. She now not only realizes the importance of social media and how it fits into content marketing, but also she can deliver important results for her clients.

“I’ve always known how important it is to get to know your customer well enough to understand their pain points, and focus on eliminating those rather than focusing on what you have to offer. So how you can help, instead of what you can sell them. That’s one of the reasons, in a way, why social media has become so important. People have never wanted a sales pitch. But now they’ll no longer stand for a sales pitch; they want to know what everyone else is saying about the company and its products. And they don’t go their neighborhood barber or butcher to get the answer. They use the web and social media.”

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