Market Motive Salutes Top-Gun Coached Students for Summer 2014

top gun master certifiedMarket Motive offers Coached Courses quarterly that are attended by marketers from around the globe. At the conclusion of each semester, we recognize Top Gun students from each discipline for both the finesse of knowledge and application of the materials.

This elite distinction is awarded to the top performing student in each of our coached courses. All aspects of their performance are taken into consideration: homework, participation, final test score, and final project scores all count!

It’s not easy to pass a Master Certification Coached Course. It’s even tougher to come out Top Gun.

We are pleased and proud to announce the Top Gun Winners from the Summer 2014 semester!

Virginia Novellini, SEO Top Gun

Virginia Novellini


Virginia Novellini is a Digital Marketing aficionado with brilliant comprehension in Online Advertising and Social Media Marketing. She has cultivated valuable skills in project management through Nokia Siemens Networks and Activeark Oy. For her SEO audit project, she focused on Best Modern Vintage.

“I consider myself privileged for the opportunity to learn SEO from top-notch industry professionals like Todd and Philippa. The SEO Master Course material was comprehensive and rich in details, and was provided in a format that was easy to follow and learn from. I really liked the fact I could directly ask questions of the faculty during the weekly calls or through the Expert Forum, which made things much easier. I am totally satisfied with my experience at Market Motive and would highly recommend it!”

Veronica Machicao, Web Analytics Top Gun

Veronica Machicao


Veronica Machicao is a disciple of Digital Marketing with a concentrated background in Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization, PPC, and Content Marketing. She has recently obtained a Digital Marketing Masters Degree from ESIC Business & Marketing School.

“The program changed everything I thought I knew about Web Analytics for the better. It opened my mind to how powerful Web Analytics can be when done correctly.

Avinash’s communication style results in lessons that are pleasant to listen over and over again as he does a fantastic job at explaining a complex topic in such a comprehensive but very insightful manner.

The lessons touch on everything I’ve ever wondered about. However, in case there are still some loose ends, one can always rely on the live sessions where John Marshall will make sure that everything is clear and ready to put into practice.

Overall this is a very sophisticated and business-oriented Web Analytics program. I honestly don’t think there can be a better team to learn from.”

Alicia Case, Social Media Top Gun, Publicis LifeBrands Medicus

Alicia Case

Publicis LifeBrands Medicus | LINKEDIN

Alicia is a Copy Supervisor and Agency Experience Manager at Publicis LifeBrands Medicus. Her knack for creative marketing and advertising is expressed through her passion for freelance writing and blogging.

“Market Motive gave me the opportunity to learn social media skills that armed me to lead up an entire corporate initiative. It was the foundation that allows me to confidently approach our social media campaign everyday.”

Georgiya Yoveva, Mobile Top Gun, Milestone Internet Marketing

Georgiya Yoveva

Milestone Internet Marketing | LINKEDIN

Georgiya has developed a strong background in the marketing world and is currently a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist and Team Leader at MileStone Internet Marketing Inc. She is also a dedicated Breast Cancer Walk Volunteer for the American Cancer Society. Presently, Georgiya is involved in a Near Field Communication marketing research project with Kovio. For her Mobile project, she focused on Destination Visit.

“My experience with Market Motive has been absolutely great since I started taking the courses! I can proudly say that I learned an extensive amount of practical information and strategies in digital marketing this year after earning two master certifications and winning Top Gun for both. I couldn’t be more ecstatic about these personal accomplishments, and I have no one to thank but Market Motive! Their training, support, challenging courses, and amazing staff and instructors made it worth the time and commitment to learning the newest digital marketing trends.”

Congratulations to all of our graduates!

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