6 Steps to Save Grandma! . . . and not need an extension on your training

SaveGrandmaBlog“A student’s grandmother is far more likely to die suddenly just before the student takes an exam, than at any other time of year.”
Eastern Connecticut State University “Study”

No educator has ever been surprised by the flood of emails at the end of a semester relaying the unfortunate death of Grandma. . . and, of course, requesting the appropriate extension or exception.

Another round of Coached Courses starts today, and nearly 100 students all around the world are entering into a rigorous training adventure.

Our goal is to not only present a new batch of successful Master Graduates in December, but to have them graduate with grandmothers.

So, for the sake of grandmothers everywhere, here are the top 6 ways to graduate from any training program without needing to (figuratively) throw Grandma under the bus to get an extension!

1. Make a schedule


There’s no one schedule that works for everyone. We’ve had parents in our courses whose only available study time is late at night after their kids go to sleep, and they study for an hour each night. We’ve had working professionals who block out time in their work day every other day. Other students have dedicated weekends to their training.

There’s not a cookie cutter solution, because there are no cookie cutter schedules. For Market Motive Coached Course students, the only mandatory time is LiveClass. All the rest of the time is flexible and up to you! Don’t take felxibility as permission to opt out of studying – schedule your time wisely.

Action Step: Consciously sit down, look at your schedule, and block off routine time for the duration of your training.

2. Keep the schedule


Game plans only work if you work them. Blocking out time in your schedule is great! But it won’t help if you don’t actually use the time. Protect the time that you’ve dedicated to your studies. Don’t schedule meetings, don’t answer phone calls or texts, and don’t be overly willing move it to a different time to accommodate other events. You are prioritizing your training because it will ultimately help your company, your clients, and yourself in the long run. That’s not selfishness, it’s long term thinking.

Action Step: Tell everyone you know that you will “go dark” during your training time. Make sure they know that you will not be available, and then honor that commitment to yourself and your future.

3. Ask questions early & often


If you are confused about anything – ask! That’s what your faculty are there for. Market Motive Coached Course students have access to the Ask the Experts forums & LiveClass for curriculum questions. Ask your questions early so you have a firm understanding by the time you need to work on your final project.

Also, if Grandma really does get sick two weeks into your training (or you get sick, or anything else) – ask what the best course of action is! This is what your student liaison is for. You will be given more accommodations and flexibility when you communicate early and often.

Action Step: Keep lists of questions that you’ll ask your faculty each week about the curriculum, and if something major comes up in your life, communicate early.

4. Don’t overestimate yourself

Hard Work

At Market Motive, we legitimately turn people away from the Coached Courses if we can see they truly aren’t prepared to succeed. If you’ve started this program, congratulations. You have what it takes. You do!

That being said, it will take hard work. Even if you’re smart, even if you have experience in the industry, even if you’ve gained other professional certifications, even if you’ve done well academically or professionally – you still will not be able to float through your training.

Action Step: Make a list of the characteristics that have helped you to achieve what you’ve accomplished so far. Review them. Own them. You’re going to need them. Your real estate license won’t help you, but the traits you used to earn it — hard work, perseverance, focus and tenacity — will.

5. Don’t underestimate the workload


You’ve enrolled in training to advance your skills. Advancing skills requires practice. Practice requires time. Don’t be confused by thinking your eLearning course or Market Motive Coached Course is like traffic school. You can’t graduate while also watching laughing babies on YouTube.

If you underestimate the workload of any training program – particularly the Coached Courses – you are depriving yourself of reaping the full benefits of approaching and conquering a challenge. Take your studies seriously. Expect to be challenged, and allot time to work through those challenges.

Action Step: Think about what it is that you’re looking to accomplish – a promotion? Advancing your team? New job? More clients? Attribute a proportional importance to the workload as you do to your goal. If you are treating the work like fluff, you will not get concrete results.

6. Plan for disaster

Protected Piggy

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “Save for a rainy day.” This phrase doesn’t just apply to finances. Make sure to tuck away time for when you’ll need it. Schedule in “flex time.” If you have 2 hours of curriculum videos to watch, and you expect your homework to take 2 hours, schedule 5 hours of training for the week. If you think your final project will take 20 hours, schedule 27.

Action Step: Be generous with the time you schedule for your training. If you don’t end up using the full time blocked out, you have time to do something else. If you do end up using it – you’ll be glad you have it!

That’s it!

Six easy steps so that by the time your training program is wrapping up, you are well prepared, in control of your schedule and your education, and you won’t need to request an extension.

Grandma thanks you for your personal responsibility – as do we!

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