Three Characteristics of a Trusted Agency, Demonstrated by Apokrisis

apokrisis-logoApokrisis is a small agency with big results. Managing Partner, Kristen Lindsey gave us a little insight into what sets them apart. She introduced it with, “It sounds so corporate, but…”

Let me assure you, though, Apokrisis doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk – all the way into the Spotlight. Now from them, we can learn the three characteristics of a trusted agency.

1. Maintain a Boutique Feel

Apokrisis is small – consisting of a core six person team. As a small team, they need to be intensely capable in order to provide advanced services to their clients. And they are! By investing in their team members like Sandra Sweeney and Scott Thomas through the Master Certification Training, they ensure their whole team is highly capable. Pair that high level of competence with a high level of passion and care, and you get an agency you’d trust with your project.

“Of course we need to speak to SEO and PPC, but when new clients come in and work with us, it’s the service and the trust that they stay with us for… We’re small, and for each of us, results are where the fun and passion come from… At the end of the day, being able to make a difference in someone’s business is why we show up every morning.”

You don’t need to have a small agency to have a boutique feel. What you’re looking for is a highly competent team that cares, that shows up because they’re passionate about the project, and that will work excitedly for the needs of the client.

2. Put Solutions Before Tools
As a tool and technology agnostic agency, Apokrisis is able to nimbly accommodate industry changes or custom requests. What doesn’t change is their drive for solutions.

“Back in 2003, what Scott and I were doing for SEO was completely different from what we’re doing now. So the tactics keep changing, but the solution that we provide to the client is where our real focus is: Tying it to the business goals, being technology agnostic.”

As a winning team, you’re not committed to the tactic, you’re committed to the outcome. If the tactic needs to change, the first adopters will be the ones to win.  By being technology and tool agnostic, you put yourself in a position where you’re able to quickly master the next best tool (without feeling like you’ve just gone through a breakup) and deliver the best solutions for your clients.

3. Pursue Win-Win Partnerships
Partnerships go two ways. If Apokrisis is approached by a client that they don’t think would develop into a mutually beneficial relationship, they pass. They want to work with those that they can get the greatest results for.

“We focus on the partnership and having a client be able to trust us and count on us… If clients don’t have clear goals or a vision, there are cases where we don’t take the project. First of all, we’re not going to get the input that we need to deliver something that’s going to provide value. Second of all, we don’t want the client wasting their money. If we can’t produce value on some level, we don’t take the project.”

So if you want to become a trusted agency – don’t jump at everything that comes your way. The short term money isn’t worth the long term disappointment (on both sides!). Only take projects you think you can bring value to, and as a result, you’ll have an increasingly long list of success stories and clients that trust and love you.

Great, now you know the principles… but what does it look like in practice? See how they applied these principles to a successful partnership with Island Seafood project. Download the case study here.

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