Top Gun Students – Spring 2015

top gun students

Each semester, our Digital Marketing Coached Courses challenge experienced marketers to up their games, and empower entry-level marketers to enter the industry better prepared than their peers.

And each semester, our students rise to the challenge, give up their precious family time, or their “America’s Got Talent” and “Orange is the New Black,” and dedicate themselves to the longer term goal of improving their careers and lives through rigorous study, challenging exercises, and personalized interaction with a world-class faculty.

Then they turn in impressive real-world final projects, and wait expectantly to hear from the faculty if they’ve passed the class.

Not everyone does.

But those who do, excel.

And among those who excel are the Top Guns.

One outstanding student from each discipline each semester is awarded “Top Gun” status, conferred based on a demanding algorithm that takes into account a variety of metrics, including homework, exercises, quiz scores, final test scores, and that ever-daunting final project.

Today, we announce the Spring Semester Top Guns for 2015.

Congratulations! We couldn’t be more proud.

Web Analytics


Kashif Kudalkar

Manager, Digital Marketing, Eureka Forbes Ltd 

Kashif has been a digital strategist for years, delivering and planning digital branding and advertising campaigns, and with experience in PPC, Social Media, Analytics, and Optimization. When it came time to really expand his expertise in Web Analytics, the Coached Course clarified concepts, and expanded his vision beyond data and into business strategy.

For me, the obvious choice for a structured Web Analytics education was the Web Analytics Master Program with Market Motive; a chance to learn from the best in the industry!

The course design imparts a wider perspective of the scope and potential of web analytics. It has taught me to look beyond just Clickstream data and focus on making actual business improvements.

Regular assignments linked to live tools provided a hands-on real world education.

The weekly classes were very helpful in clearing concepts, clarifying doubts and interacting with the Masters, Avinash and John.

The final project, though extremely challenging, has undoubtedly been the most fantastic learning experience. I highly recommend the course to anyone who is serious about learning Web Analytics.”



Supriya Shiyekar

Director, Web Properties and Digital Marketing, Zimbra (formerly Telligent)

Supriya was already an accomplished digital marketer, with 18 years of experience including Web Product Management, Web Analytics, SEO, SEM, Online Advertising, and Marketing Automation.. Nevertheless, she dedicated herself to expanding her skill set, and graduated the Coached Course with a new perspective.

I completed the Market Motive PPC course in June 2015. I liked the format of Market Motive PPC course. It not only covers the theory in detail but forces you to use the skills learned in a real world scenario.

Weekly assignments and live webinars with Philippa and Brad were extremely helpful.

The course covers strategy as well as tactics. That’s a big plus.

The final project was my favorite part. It teaches you how to approach a real world business/client and build a custom proposal for them.

I have been in the PPC field since 2007 but this course has changed my perspective in a positive way. I will definitely enroll into other Market Motive courses in future.

I highly recommend the courses to anyone who likes to stay current with their skillset or is planning to start a consulting career.”



Barry Holloway

Owner at Fennario Ltd., Co-Founder at MoneyGuru  linkedin icon

Barry came in with fifteen years experience building high performance teams and building value in digital start-ups, as a board-level digital specialist in strategy, customer insight, product and brand development, marketing, leadership, conversion optimisation and monetisation. But he still found the coached training course challenged him, and expanded his expertise.

As an experienced CMO I have managed various SEO teams, but never had the in-depth experience of a specialist practitioner.

Market Motive coached SEO training has given me the robust practical knowledge and confidence in the subject that I was looking for.”

Ready to join the ranks of the Top Guns?

Coached Courses start once each quarter, and run for 10 weeks, with structured lessons, weekly assignments, personalized feedback, live conference calls, and a challenging real-world final project.

Change your career. Change your life.


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