Top Guns: Winter 2014 Semester

Top Gun represents the crème de la crème of Market Motive students.

This elite distinction is awarded to the top performing student in each of our coached courses. All aspects of their performance are taken into consideration: homework, participation, final test score, and final project scores all count!

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It’s always a fierce competition, and the winners represent an elite group who have proven that they not only know the material, but have mastered practical application of our courses and are highly capable of delivering results for their clients and companies.

Not only do our Top Guns receive special recognition from us, they also get a special medallion to display their commitment and hard work towards their training.

The winners for the Winter 2014 semester are. . .

Matt Konen, PPC Top Gun, Big Storm

Matt is the Technical Marketer for Big Storm, a Montana based marketing company working on local, regional, and national campaigns focused on data driven results. His job previously focused on Social Media and SEO, and it has now expanded with his extreme competence in PPC.


Paolo Ramazzotti, Mobile Marketing Top Gun, DigiTOOLSpaolotopgun
Paolo is the CEO and Head of Projects for DigiTOOLS, an Italian company working in inbound and outbound marketing, as well as in-house consulting and training. Paolo is quick to apply what he learns, and this is his third Master Certification and second Top Gun award.


Greg Underhill, Social Media Top Gun, Dell Softwaregregtopgun
Greg is a Social Media Strategist at Dell Software, which increases digital agility through providing software to manage and protect applications, systems, devices, and data. Greg is responsible for managing multiple corporate social media platforms and creating new social media campaigns.


Drew Schug, Web Analytics Top Gun, Big Stormdrewtopgun
Drew is the Founder and President of Big Storm Marketing, where he works with PPC Top Gun Matt Konen. His background was originally in web design, and he has combined his aesthetic eye with data focus and prowess to yield results for medium to large sized businesses.


Georgiya Yoveva, SEO Top Gun, Milestone Internet Marketinggeotopgun
Georgiya is a Senior Digital Marketing Strategist and Team Lead at Milestone Internet Marketing, which provides digital marketing software and services for the hospitality industry. She and her team generate and implement innovative ROI-focused promotional ideas for 1,000 different clients in the US and internationally.

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