WPP Stays Ahead of the Curve With Digital Marketing Training

How does WPP ensure its companies get the training they need to remain leaders?

World-class training resources for world-class marketers.

wpp logoAs a global leader in marketing communications services, WPP employs over 179,000 people in 3,000 offices across an ever-growing portfolio of brands including Burson-Marsteller, Ogilvy, MediaCom, GroupM, Catalyst, Aqua, Xaxis, Young & Rubicam, Kantar, and Grey Group.

WPP understands the incredible value of investing in digital marketing training. Providing professional development resources ensures their teams are skilled up to meet the challenges of an evolving industry, helps standardize vocabulary and strategy across its properties, and ensures that the competition remains in the rear-view mirror.

That’s why they’ve contracted with Market Motive to provide a complete suite of digital marketing training courses to all their companies. This program empowers WPP companies to quickly implement a trusted training resource, efficiently onboard new talent, and provide experienced marketers with the tools they need to expand their skill sets and remain competitive and relevant.

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Success by the numbers.

Since launching the program, 42 WPP groups have implemented training for their teams. And the results have been remarkable.

  • 42 WPP groups currently on-board
  • 1,361 marketers trained
  • 1,473 tests passed
  • 33,123 video lessons completed

These are some impressive numbers, and it’s even more impressive when the light is shined on the success stories of companies and individual employees in the WPP network.

MediaCom Beyond Advertising Gains New Clarity and Focus

mba wpp logoMediaCom Beyond Advertising (MBA) Director Tom Robinson needed a way to not only onboard new hires, but to also train and advance the skills of his whole team. So MediaCom sought training to increase the team’s interdisciplinary understanding and streamline their offerings.

Tom rolled out the training to the Melbourne and Sydney offices, and his 17 member team dove in eagerly.

Every month, both locations hold bi-weekly team meetings lead by two of the participants. The participants review what they’ve learned, what is covered in the course, and how they’ve applied it to their roles at MediaCom.

The result has been a team that not only understands the theory, but how it can best be applied in the day-to-day roles of each team member. MBA has used the resulting clarity to restructure their project offerings, and increase the clarity of their outreach.

“[T]his training from Market Motive has really helped the understanding as to why it’s important to integrate that service and streamline our product offerings.” – Tom Robinson, MBA Advertising Director

Individual Achievements

In the end, it’s the individual marketers who perhaps reap the biggest rewards, by expanding their personal skill sets, hitting meaningful goals, and finding themselves more empowered and valuable as marketers and team players.

But it can be tough sledding. Learners have to embrace the value of the training, dedicate time out of their incredibly busy schedules, commit to following through, and be willing to stretch beyond their comfort zones into complementary areas that will make them a stronger and more valuable marketer.

Anthony FulfordIt’s that kind of focus and dedication that has WPP’s MediaCom Beyond Advertising (MBA) SEO Manager Anthony Fulford currently leading the pack.

Just how dedicated is he? After becoming certified in Digital Marketing Foundations, Anthony went on to train in SEO and Web Analytics, as well as gain certifications in both Conversion Optimization and Content Marketing.

At first, Anthony was apprehensive about the training. He already had 5 years in the online marketing industry, was well versed in SEO, and wasn’t sure that all the complementary disciplines in Foundations would be relevant to his job. Ultimately, though, he appreciated the self-directed aspects of the training and liked that he could choose which disciplines to dive deeper into.

Anthony found that the more advanced courses, in particular, shed light on the areas he could improve and affirmed his strengths.

“The SEO module, that one was the most testing, considering I come from an SEO background. . . I’ve learned about where my weaknesses are, and I know where I need to go in a little bit further and study a little bit more. I’ve also realized what I’m quite good at.”

Not only did Anthony self-motivate though his own training, but he sees value in extending the training to his department. Like a true leader, he’s thinking about what is best for his team and his company as a whole – which is a large part of what landed Anthony in the Market Motive Spotlight.

“It would definitely be worthwhile for everybody in the department to do the [Foundations Courses] of Market Motive, just to have a broad understanding. . . it will highlight areas they want to focus on more, either because they find it interesting, or they recognize they don’t know anything about that area. It would help the department as a whole, because if you have all the people understanding all the fundamentals, then you don’t get so many blank faces. . . Because fundamentals can be learned within a fairly short space of time, I do think it would be time well invested.”

Neo@Ogilvy Reaps Big Rewards

nao wpp logoPerhaps the biggest WPP success stories to date comes from the Neo@Ogilvy team, led by Sherwin Chu.

The Neo@Ogilvy team has not only made the training available, but is committed to nurturing a culture of friendly competitive learning, installing a training structure with measurable goals, and rewarding training successes.

In the process, they’ve:

  • Made training available to over 200 people
  • Installed an awesome competitive learning model
  • Organized their learners into teams
  • Followed a schedule with recognition to the teams and people who are on track
  • Offered cash awards for the winning team at the end of the program

Their program isn’t over yet, but already they’re doing an awesome job. In fact, some superstars have finished their training ahead of schedule and are already having a positive impact on the company.

Are You The Next WPP Success Story?

With 42 WPP teams and countless individuals like Anthony currently attaining incredible value from Market Motive’s online digital marketing training, what’s keeping you from joining?

WPP and Market Motive have already made the training easily accessible and affordable for all of WPP’s companies. All that’s left to do is contact your Learning Plan Specialist, and discuss how your team can benefit from this world-class training resource.

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