Why Market Motive is Now Part of Simplilearn

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Michael Stebbins, Chief Innovation Officer, Simplilearn

Shared Values, Passion, and Future

michael stebbinsWhen Avinash Kaushik, John Marshall and I started Market Motive, we set out to change the way the world learns digital marketing, and we’ve achieved this in many ways. As much as we started out focused on sharing our geekery and fascination with digital marketing, over time we’ve become even more fascinated with the ways that online learning… Continue reading

Market Motive Scholarship Winners Announced

market motive scholarshipWe are proud to announce today the four Market Motive Scholarship winners for 2015. These scholarships will help digital marketing professionals attain access to Master Certified Training.

The Market Motive Master Scholarship Scholarship Fund was initiated earlier this year by the generous contributions of Manjula Higginbotham – herself a 2010 graduate of the program. The intent of the Market Motive Scholarship is to expand the opportunity for passionate marketers around the world to enable them to attain a Master Certification in one discipline or a Practitioner Certification in a complementary discipline

How excited are the winners for this incredible and unique opportunity?

Let’s find out directly from them!… Continue reading

New Feature: LinkedIn Profile Updates

LinkedIn CertWith just one click, Market Motive grads can now have a certification loud and proud on their LinkedIn profiles

Thanks to the nifty coding of our brilliant dev team, graduates of Market Motive can now brag about their certifications directly on their LinkedIn profiles simply by clicking a button.

Each certification now includes an “Add to LinkedIn” button to automate the process of adding your certification to your profile. The button also links back to your profile page on Market Motive as well too.

Pretty sweet, oui?… Continue reading

Spring and Summer Coached Courses Selling Out Fast

web analytics summer sold outBoth Spring and Summer Web Analytics coached courses with Avinash Kaushik have sold out.

And the waiting lists are filling up fast.

But before you drown your sorrows in comfort food and a Netflix binge, we’re excited to let you know that you can still sign up early for Avinash’s Fall Web Analytics Coached Course that starts September 14.

When you do, you’ll get instant access to all of our self-paced courses, including Social Media, SEO, PPC, Conversion, Email, and Content Marketing.

Instantly. Today. No extra charge. From the moment you sign up, through the end of your Fall Web Analytics Coached Course.

It’s basically like half a year’s worth of extra self-paced access – free – when you sign up for the Web Analytics 2015 Fall Coached Course.

Can’t wait for coaching? You’ve got other great options…

Vote for Market Motive: 2015 Skillies Awards

Skillies Award Market Motive

Market Motive has been nominated for the best online community and training platform for business and project management, marketing, and sales topics.

It’s truly an honor to be nominated along with 230 top-notch education providers, and we’d love your vote so we can take home some seriously cool bragging rights.

The voting ends March 3rd, so click on the big ‘ol orange button to cast your vote for Market Motive today. It’ll give you good karma, like helping a grandmother across the street or… Continue reading

The Opportunities For Alternative Education Providers and Universities

Robert McGuire, Editor of Business Trends and Insights at SkilledUp, recently wrote an interesting article over on EvoLLLution that addresses the numerous reasons universities from around the country would be wise to embrace alternative methods of educating their students.

McGuire writes, “As the education technology ecosystem grows, products and services are emerging that push into the traditional territory of colleges and universities. The clearest examples are in skills-based instruction for adults.”

Market Motive is at the forefront of providing, as McGuire writes, “Online curricula in marketing, including in emerging subjects like digital and social media marketing.”

But what does all of this mean specifically for your career and job prospects? … Continue reading

Market Motive Master Scholarship Fund

Market Motive Scholarship Fund

Scholarship fund helps qualified candidates attain access to Master Certified Training.

Growing in the online marketing arena can be tough without hands-on experience, and many people feel left behind with the number of changes happening in the industry. That’s why it’s critical to take your skills to the next level with this exciting opportunity to challenge yourself and rise above the fold of average marketers. At the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding of the industry to vastly propel your career forward.

Two scholarships are currently available:… Continue reading

Breaking: Members Webinar Schedule Change

avinash kaushik market motiveGoogle’s just made some changes to the Acquisition Reporting features of Google Analytics … and we thought you ought to know sooner rather than later.

So we’re juggling our webinar schedule to get this info to you asap.

Our January 29th Web Analytics webinar, “Understanding Universal Analytics,” has been moved to February 17.

On January 29th, we’ll be highlighting those new changes to Google Analytics Acquisition Reporting with “Dude, Where’s My Acquisition Report?

If you’re already signed up for the Universal Analytics webinar… Continue reading

Market Motive Member Perks Provide Huge Discounts

Market Motive member perks provide over $1,500 in discounts and savings exclusively for enrolled participants

Market Motive Members Perks We’re super excited today to announce the launch of our brand spanking new Market Motive member perks program.

The perks program gives Market Motive members access to tremendous discounts from some of the leading tool and service providers in the industry. In fact, members can save over $1,500!

Please note: Only members can view the details of the perks offered. Log into the “Start Here Page” of the member’s dashboard to access… Continue reading