Why Market Motive is Now Part of Simplilearn

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Michael Stebbins, Chief Innovation Officer, Simplilearn

Shared Values, Passion, and Future

michael stebbinsWhen Avinash Kaushik, John Marshall and I started Market Motive, we set out to change the way the world learns digital marketing, and we’ve achieved this in many ways. As much as we started out focused on sharing our geekery and fascination with digital marketing, over time we’ve become even more fascinated with the ways that online learning is empowering people to make powerful, meaningful change in their lives.

krishna kumar simplilearnSimplilearn CEO Krishna Kumar and his team have set out to make Simplilearn the world leader in certification training. By most measurements, they have achieved that in just a few short years, helping to change the lives of over 400,000 people. And just like with Market Motive, it isn’t just about the training; it’s about what the training does for people. Like us, the folks at Simplilearn light up at the thought of their customers achieving better jobs, more pay, and more security and stability in their lives.

With our mutual passion for changing lives, how could we not fall in love?

Industry-Leading Curriculum vs Delivery and Support

Over the years, our Silicon Valley friends have asked “Is Market Motive a technology company?” to which we’d always answer, “We generate just enough code to deliver a great learning experience, but our primary value is our world-class curriculum.”

You see, as a course publisher, every dollar invested into customizing a Learning Management System, or developing testing tools, shopping carts and registration entitlement, is a dollar we’ve had to take from our curriculum development process, which drives our core value product.

So, we’ve been working to be a great curriculum company, not a great LMS company. Our service and customer support was similarly restricted; without outside capital, we have struggled to balance the need to constantly invest in expanded and updated curriculum with the need to invest in the support systems we know our customers deserve.

Higher Ed and Corporate

By focusing on content quality, Market Motive has become the core curriculum behind leading ad agencies, universities, and consumer marketing companies. The demands in that arena are high; marketing managers and training and development professionals need powerful management dashboards, entitlement and reporting systems.

While our delivery and reporting systems are ahead of the market in many ways, they have strained under the load of a rapidly growing corporate and education constituency, and we simply haven’t been able to evolve as quickly as we would have liked.

As I envision the robust future of online learning, it’s clear that what we were able to achieve alone wouldn’t be enough.

Days, not Months

When Simplilearn approached us in 2014, we started with a licensing relationship that streamed Market Motive’s constantly updated curriculum seamlessly into Simplilearn’s LMS alongside 250+ other courses. Simplilearn quickly impressed us with their ability to master technical challenges and deliver solutions in a fraction of the time others take to integrate the curriculum. We admired their delivery and entitlement systems, and the speed and agility of development and progress was astounding.

Simplilearn has vast resources that will enable us scale a great customer experience and to continue to build industry leading digital marketing curriculum. And Market Motive has a refined an enviable system, and reputation, for rapid delivery of business curriculum that is authoritative and up-to-date. Why not apply that system to other business certifications through Simplilearn?

Putting these together better serves the market, but, there’s more.

Shared Values, Passion, and Future

market motive simplilearn team

Through the process of acquisition, I have come to know and admire Krishna and the executive staff of Simplilearn. We share a passion to change lives through training and certification.

When we describe our respective visions of future market needs, we are uncannily aligned, and very excited about what you will see from our joined entities over the next few years.

To our customers and friends in the market, thank you for helping us build Market Motive. I can’t wait to show you what we are all working on for 2016!


Read the full press release here.

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