Announcing Launch of 4-Part Series on Video & YouTube Marketing

We are thrilled to announce a new four-part series from Greg Jarboe that shows you everything you need to know about video and YouTube marketing!

Part 1 – Video & YouTube Marketing: Establishing a Video Marketing Strategy

Establishing a Video Marketing StrategyTaking your existing TV commercials and putting them on a YouTube channel is not a YouTube video marketing strategy. A great video marketing strategy should leverage the unique behaviors that users crave on YouTube. Successful vloggers respond to comments on their videos, and brands should too. Successful YouTube stars release multiple videos a week, and brands should too. Successful YouTube channels create videos beyond 30-second commercials, and brands should too.

Greg covers these tactics and more as he introduces the world of video marketing. See how to create a YouTube marketing plan that excites your viewers and garners attention from those beyond your core audience.

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You will learn to:

  • Recite the seven marketing strategies that lead to video marketing success
  • Explain why it is essential to incorporate YouTube into your broader social media marketing strategy
  • Compare the various types of video on YouTube
  • Select the types of video that best fit your Social Media goals and objectives
  • Plan your video content around a consistent schedule that engages your fans
  • Optimize your videos for YouTube search

Part 2 – Video & YouTube Marketing: Gaining Exposure and Measuring Impact

Gaining Exposure and Measuring ImpactCreating a strategy behind valuable video content is only step one. Step two is getting people to watch your videos and eventually take action.

Increasingly, paid promotion is the path to gain exposure, even if using paid promotion is used only to jumpstart a video into the limelight. Also necessary for gaining exposure is getting your video shared across other channels and on blogs. Start using paid promotions to get your videos in front of the right prospects, and then measure how these video views are converting viewers into customers.

You will learn to:

  • Point out how paid promotion on YouTube can jumpstart your video views
  • Identify the differences and benefits between in-stream and in-search ads for YouTube
  • Convey the importance of getting videos shared across blogs and other social channels
  • Measure the impacts of how video-related metrics lead to customer acquisition

Part 3 – Video & YouTube Marketing: Leveraging Mobile Video

Leveraging Mobile VideoWith YouTube embracing mobile and with other platforms like Instagram and Vine focusing almost solely on mobile, the power of mobile video has become obvious. With how-to videos in particular, a video on a mobile device has the distinct advantage of allowing viewers to watch and perform tasks simultaneously.

In this lesson, Greg covers the types of users who watch mobile videos (hint: over 50% of online users), and he shows how various brands have used mobile video to supercharge online campaigns. Craft a mobile video strategy that excites your audience and creates a more intimate relationship between your brand and your audience.

You will learn to:

  • Explain why mobile video should be a key part of a video marketing strategy
  • Restate which demographics and groups of users watch, share, and curate video online
  • List the types of videos users watch on mobile devices
  • Define the advantages of mobile video over desktop-only video

Part 4 – Video & YouTube Marketing: Promoting & Measuring Mobile Video

Promoting Measuring Mobile VideoOrganic spread is not always enough. Influencers don’t always share your message and basic optimization may not get you ranking for highly competitive keywords. Often, paid promotions are the best way to get your videos watched by the audience who is most likely to find your message valuable. See how this strategy can work well in the Mobile space, and discover what metric is worth measuring when determining whether your campaign was successful.

You will learn to:

  • Recognize how paid promotions can boost organic reach on YouTube
  • Develop a basic strategy around promoting videos with paid media
  • Explain the distinct advantages mobile videos has over standard desktop-only videos
  • Measure and analyze mobile video campaigns

If you’re not yet a member, feel free to watch the first few chapters for free. If you are already a member, we hope you enjoy the new content!

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