Announcing Launch of New Email Foundations Course!

We’re launching a whole new series of primer courses.

Matt_EmailSocialIntegrationWe recently brought in our entire faculty to the Market Motive studio and filmed brand new video lessons for Web Analytics, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Conversion, Mobile, and Email.

Our production team is working fast and furious to get the series published, and we’re super excited to tell you that the the first to hit your training dashboard is Email Marketing.

About Email Marketing Foundations

Email Marketing builds loyalty unlike any other digital marketing channel. When you get an email address with permission to send promotional messages, you have a long-term ticket to nurture, convert, and upsell a customer. In this course, Matt Bailey walks through the importance and value of building an Email program. From building lists, to avoiding spam filters, and all the way to measuring success, learn how an Email program moves prospects along the purchase funnel and keeps loyal customers coming back.

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About Matt Bailey

Matt Bailey is the founder and president of SiteLogic, and the author of “Internet Marketing An Hour A Day”. With over a decade in the web marketing industry, Matt excels in combining his marketing background with programming know-how to help companies create comprehensive strategies that improve internet presence and conversions.

Matt also serves on the Advisory Board for Incisive Media’s Search Engine Strategies Conferences. As one of the conference’s highest-rated speakers, he presents at the Search Engine Strategies Conferences around the world.

Learn more about Market Motive’s Email Marketing Course.

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