Inbound Marketing – Connecting Content Strategy and the Marketing Funnel


Inbound is one of the first things you will come across when you do your research into digital marketing. Despite its apparent popularity, very little is known about inbound marketing. While this is a topic usually covered in a good DMCA course, not all digital marketing specialists can explain how inbound marketing can help you.

So, what exactly is inbound marketing?

Is it just a marketing gimmick? Will it help your brand or business?

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How to Leverage High Commercial Intent Searches

How to Leverage High Commercial Intent Searches

Keyword research is one of the core foundational pieces of online marketing. It begins with identifying high volume keywords and then finding associated long-tail variations that are much easier to rank for. But good keyword research – and subsequently, good SEO – is more than just high rankings and broad exposure. Conversion is key, which is why it’s important to examine the level of commercial intent behind each keyword BEFORE you incorporate it into your overall marketing strategy.

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New Video: Buyers Legends

Stories help you understand your customers. So imagine the power of crafting a story for the customer personas you have already built.

In this conversion optimization video, Bryan Eisenberg breaks down the importance of creating a narrative for your personas, and he provides the 10 key ingredients that you need to include in this story.

Analyze everything that must go right, and identify everything that can go wrong. Then be sure to think through all the constraints, considerations, and reasonable alternatives your customers will go through on their journey.

Use these buyer legends to understand your customer experience from their perspective, and leverage this perspective to rethink how you help your customers buy.

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New Video: Maintaining Scent in Email and Social

Maintaining Scent in Email and SocialNew Video Announcement: Maintaining Scent in Email and Social with Brian Eisenberg

Email and Social Media, while different from paid search or display advertising, also need to leverage the concept of scent to keep customers on the path to purchase. Certain scent cues, such as trigger words, imagery, offers, shapes, and location, tell the user that they are on the right path.

See how scent works on social channels such as Facebook and Twitter as well as in email marketing campaigns. Leverage these scent cues to transform your next social or email campaign into a conversion machine.

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New Conversion Optimization Foundations Course

conversion optimization foundations course Bryan Eisenberg

In this Conversion Optimization Foundations Course, Bryan Eisenberg will take you through everything you need to know about the world of conversion optimization.

From the importance of maintaining scent to assessing how many of the four personas your website is satisfying to modeling of customer behavior, this Conversion Optimization Foundations Course ties together all the main ingredients of good testing practices.

If you are doing Internet marketing and failing to test your site’s effectiveness, you are doing your business and your customers a disservice. Pinpoint your marketing focus and your missed conversion opportunities with these critical tips and strategies from the industry leader in website optimization.

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New eBook by Bryan Eisenberg Reaches #1 in Business Skills Section of Amazon Kindle Store

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buyer legends eisenbergBreaking News: The brand new eBook by Market Motive’s own Conversion Optimization Faculty Chair Bryan Eisenberg has rocketed to number one in the business skills section of the Amazon Kindle Store!

Co-written by Jeffrey Eisenberg and Anthony Garcia,”Buyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller’s Guide” shows you “a business process that combines the emotional power of storytelling with hard data to open new opportunities, spot gaps, and optimize your sales and marketing.”

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How to push customers over the edge at the end of a buying funnel

endofbuyingcycleblogFrom the Market Motive Forums: Why display benefit copy instead of features copy at the final buying stage of the buying funnel? Aren’t the customers already sold and ready to buy using features as their guide?

People fall off at every stage of the buying funnel.

Someone might want a product/service, but then still doesn’t finish buying it or engaging in the service. It’s common for someone to forget, have something else comes up that distracts the user from their task, or they need a bit more of a push.

At the very end of the buying funnel, it’s a good idea to push a user to finally take action; and people buy products/serves based upon what it’ll do for them.… Continue reading

How You Can Benefit From Our Faculty’s Expertise!


If you’re a Market Motive member, you know our faculty is busy designing and building training courses, recording videos, leading live workshops, and answering your questions in the Ask the Experts Forums. Great, right?

But did you know our faculty have lives outside of Market Motive?

It’s true!

All of the Market Motive faculty are active out in the online marketing world; they’re highly respected keynote speakers, consultants, agency owners, business owners, and bloggers. It’s that firsthand day-to-day experience in the trenches of real-time digital marketing that makes their mentorship so valuable and relevant.… Continue reading

Master Minute: 3 Powerful Tips for Copy That Converts

60 seconds. Awesome digital marketing advice.

kevin bates pic

Want a single golden nugget of internet marketing wisdom?

In our Master Minute series, we ask our successful Master Certification graduates just one question:Of course you do. And our graduates are here to deliver.

“If you had one minute to share a single valuable piece of marketing advice you learned from Market Motive with another marketer or small business owner, what would you tell them?”

Kevin Bates, Market Motive Master Graduate of SEO and PPC certifications and founder of We’ve Created a Monster, gives you one of his favorite top tips that he thinks every successful marketer should know.… Continue reading