Why Lead Scoring Is Like Falling In Love: Free Video

Celebrate with us!

We’ve rolled out an impressive series of updates in our Email Marketing Course, expanding the Marketing Automation modules with:

  • 9 new videos
  • 2 new workbooks
  • and 2 new quizzes.

To celebrate, we’ve made one video free for the taking from today through July 31.

Free Through July 31: Implicit and Explicit Data

Implicit and Explicit data

This 13 minute video explains “why lead scoring is like falling in love.”

Marketing automation systems score leads based on two types of data: implicit and explicit. Implicit data is information implied from customer actions, such as adding an item to a shopping cart or clicking through on a related product link. Explicit data is information that is explicitly given by customers, such as a name and phone number submitted through a form. Throughout this lesson, Matt dissects how these two data types can provide insight into a customer’s interest in a product. Use this data intelligently to set up a lead scoring system for your company.

In this video, you’ll learn to:

  • Distinguish implicit data from explicit data
  • Give examples of both implicit data and explicit data
  • Leverage implicit and explicit data to score leads

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