How Do You Know Where Your Audience Is Online?

From the Market Motive Forums: How To Find Where Your Audience Is Going

Where is your audience?Let’s say you have a brand new online business and have a pretty keen sense of the demographics you’d like to target. How do you go about discovering the platform they spend the most time with?

Generally you’ll find where your audience is by going to different platforms and searching for them.

Keep in mind your audience is never as simple as an age range and location. There are always other factors, primarily the interests of the people who might become your customers. You’ll have to dig deeper on defining who they are and what they are looking for.

On Twitter, this is fairly easy, especially if you have geographical restrictions on your audience. You can use advanced search to limit the Twitter database by area and then run keyword searches to look for people talking about things that might be related to your business.

Even if you’re a new business, there’s some topic related to it. For instance, an Italian restaurant may search for people talking about pasta, lasagna or another Italian restaurant by name. A Honda dealership might search for people mentioning different Honda models.

On Facebook you can use the advertising/promoted post filter to narrow the field down and see how many of your target audience members are on the site. As an example, you might look for “singles, male and female, age 30-60, living in Manhattan and/or Brooklyn, who follow the Village Voice and Brooklyn Pour Craft Beer Festival on Facebook” if you were releasing a new small craft hard cider at a craft brewery opening up in DUMBO.

On Instagram you might check out popular brands in your area that are similar to your company to see if they’re active and have followers. Or you might run searches for hashtags you think might be related to your audience.

Basically, just put in some time and effort at each of the popular sites to look for the conversations you would expect your target audience to have.

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