Paolo Put QR Codes at the Top of the Mondelez International Agenda

paolotopgunPaolo Ramazzotti is at it again. After graduating as Top Gun from the Mobile Marketing Coached Course – his third Market Motive Coached Course and second Top Gun distinction – he applied his knowledge to a DigiTools customer’s project and is making a big impact.

Paolo initially struggled to convince his clients of the benefits of QR codes
One of DigiTool’s largest clients is Mondelēz International, which is the European brand name for Kraft. Paolo had thought about using QR Codes to help move their customers online, but in previous conversations they had been hesitant about going forward with the idea.

After going through the course, though, and studying QR Codes as a main part of the curriculum, Paolo was prepared to re-approach the topic.

After studying QR codes in the Master Course his persuasion was more effective
He created a presentation and met with the customer. After explaining all the possible outcomes, including measurability and online lift, the customer was willing to go forward with the project. They were glad to see it wouldn’t be too expensive, and were excited to finally be able to measure offline activity.

Paolo chose to use a tool to manage the QR Code project. This paid service would enable him to create and manage projects by allowing him to create several codes per client, change the URLs, and have statistics in real time – which was a recommendation from the course.

The project is going full steam ahead
Equipped with the right knowledge, the right tool, and now with the client on board, they made the first two QR codes for the pre-roll out. When Mondelēz saw the process was smooth and easy, they decided to implement it on all their programs. In the next month, every Mondelēz product will have a QR code on the packaging.

They will print QR codes on all their products in the retail stores, and we are managing their project which was inspired by Jeff in the class.”

Being part of a Mobile Marketing Campaign that stretches across Europe isn’t Paolo’s first big accomplishment. He’s also landed one of his biggest clients through a presentation he gave based in his Web Analytics Coached Course (and they just renewed this year), he managed a site migration of a 40,000 page site based on his studies from the SEO Coached Course, and has had many other notable achievements through the application of knowledge to his company DigiTools.

Want at least a fraction of the success that he’s had? Follow in his footsteps by getting started with a Coached Course. You might just end up in his class – he still has two more to go.


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