New Conversion Optimization Foundations Course

conversion optimization foundations course Bryan Eisenberg

In this Conversion Optimization Foundations Course, Bryan Eisenberg will take you through everything you need to know about the world of conversion optimization.

From the importance of maintaining scent to assessing how many of the four personas your website is satisfying to modeling of customer behavior, this Conversion Optimization Foundations Course ties together all the main ingredients of good testing practices.

If you are doing Internet marketing and failing to test your site’s effectiveness, you are doing your business and your customers a disservice. Pinpoint your marketing focus and your missed conversion opportunities with these critical tips and strategies from the industry leader in website optimization.

Conversion Optimization Foundations Course Materials Includes:

Section 1: Introduction to Conversion Optimization
Section 2: Building Momentum
Section 3: Understanding Personas
Section 4: Landing Pages
Section 5: Copywriting
Section 6: Designing for Conversion
Section 7: The Conversion Trinity
Section 8: Integrating Conversion with Other Disciplines

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Upon completion of the Conversion Optimization Foundations Course, you will be able to accomplish the following:

  • Define the concept of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  • Explain how incremental improvement leads to major gains over time
  • Define A/B testing, usability testing, heuristic analysis, and other Conversion Optimization techniques
  • Identify elements on a website that might benefit from testing
  • List elements of a webpage that can indicate scent
  • Name each step of the AIDAS process
  • Understand that customers reach the conversion point from a variety of different paths
  • Name the four personas based on the scales of objectivity and deliberation
  • List the 10 key ingredients of a landing page
  • Identify the purpose of each element of a landing page
  • Summarize the importance of crafting great and attractive headlines
  • Simplify marketing copy to a level that average customers will understand
  • Recognize various design concepts on a webpage
  • Prioritize the elements of a webpage users should see first
  • Name the three factors of the conversion trinity
  • Illustrate how Conversion Optimization complements other digital marketing disciplines

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