How PPC Training Launched Andrew Hutton’s Career

andrew hutton

Andrew Hutton used PPC training to kick-start a successful career in paid search.

While still a busy sociology student at the University of California Santa Cruz in 2011, Andrew took on an internship with Market Motive; an experience that piqued a new interest in digital marketing.

When he graduated, he entered a competitive job market and found that his UC degree alone wasn’t going to be enough. So he dove back into digital marketing, taking certification courses with Market Motive.

It was a tough economy when I graduated. People were having a hard time finding careers. So I took courses to bolster my resume a bit, and to give me the practical experience I needed to find a job.”

Andrew threw himself into Market Motive’s courses, completing not one but three certifications: A Master Certification in PPC which he earned while studying directly with Google AdWords expert Brad Geddes, and self-guided Practitioner Certifications in both Digital Marketing Foundations and SEO.

And the impact it had was profound.

His Market Motive PPC training proved to be much more career-focused than his academic experience.

It was much more career-focused and skills-based; I was learning something that you can take and apply to an actual job. A lot of companies want someone who knows something specific like analytics, SEO, or PPC. The courses gave me much more of a practical background, and my practical know-how really helped during interviews.”

Not only did his newly honed digital marketing skill set give him an advantage, but the personal connections he made with faculty and fellow students helped give him the confidence and insight he needed to succeed in the job market.

The courses and connections I made, knowing Brad and others in the industry, was invaluable. Brad was super great with answering questions, and his insights were super helpful in finding a job.”

And a career was launched.

mogo interactiveArmed with his new skills and connections, Andrew landed a job as a PPC and Digital Strategist with Mogo Interactive. And that turned quickly into a management position as PPC Manager.

Mogo is an integrated digital marketing firm that helps brands engage and transact with customers across display, video, Facebook, mobile & search. Andrew and his team are responsible for helping clients acquire, retain, reactivate, and upsell more customers. And his Market Motive training positioned him to help his clients succeed.

[Market Motive training] directly led to what I’m doing right now. I joined my agency when it was smaller but growing quickly; I’ve been here about 3 years now. The agency has doubled in size. I’ve been promoted a couple of times and now I manage a department.

It’s a great job and I am very grateful of the experience I gained at Market Motive as it has served me well.”

Return on Training Investment

Andrew’s certain that the investment he made — in time as well as money — was a smart one.

It’s well worth the investment and helped get my career going. The money you spend on it you’re going to get back 10-fold. My training gave me a leg up during interviews, because I had something to talk about when I first graduated.

And the faculty is excellent. These teachers are well-known figures in the industry; they’re the people who are at the forefront of teaching and sharing knowledge. But it’s more than just taking the class and never hearing from them again; you can email them or see them at conferences. I just came back from a conference and Brad was there presenting. It was great to say hello, and let him know that he’d helped me launch my career.”

We couldn’t be more proud of Andrew, and all of our successful students… their hard work, focus, and commitment to professional development is the reason we do what we do.

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