Two New Free Videos: PPC and Social Media

PPC and Social MediaFree through June 30: Introducing two new and free videos for PPC and Social Media

PPC: Managing Search Queries & Negative Keywords

With broad match types and ever-expanding keyword lists, keywords can get out of control very easily. The cure for this is learning how to manage your keywords efficiently, and a major tool for managing keywords is negative keywords. Negative keywords block an ad for showing for a particular query. Smart advertisers will use these to stop ads for showing for low-value keywords that are not performing well. See how to use negative keywords in your account to keep your campaigns running more efficiently.

In this video you will learn to:

  • Define negative keywords and defend the importance of using negative keywords
  • List negative keyword match types and describe how each one works
  • Decide whether to apply negative keywords at the campaign level or the ad group level depending on the situation
  • Analyze paid search data to determine when to use negative keywords
  • Manage keywords in your account and delete or expand keywords based on data

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Watch this free video about basics of social sharing part 1

Social media now provides more referral traffic than search. But tapping into those referrals is more involved than just posting humdrum content on your blog and social media profiles. You will need a well-crafted strategy that includes creating shareable content and exposing it to those who matter most. Learn why sharing is key in social, and start thinking about how influencers can provide that boost that gets your content moving.

In this video you will learn to:

  • Defend the importance of social sharing in the current digital landscape
  • Explain the sharing habits and the benefits of social influencers
  • List four traits of a social message that encourage social sharing

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