What Are The Rules For Creating Hashtags Around Trade Shows And Events?

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From the Market Motive Forums: Do Hashtags Have “Rules?”

I received an interesting question on the members only forum the other day. A student wanted to know if there are rules for creating hashtags for trade shows and events. To be more specific, if her company is a sponsor at a trade show that already has a hashtag in place, can she create a hashtag specific to her display?

Hashtags aren’t like domain names where you need to register them or claim them with an official group.

But are there any specific “rules?”

The general rules of decorum state that you won’t “steal” an established hashtag for your own purposes, which is why it’s a good idea to run a Twitter search to see if the hashtag you’re thinking about using is being leveraged by anyone else.

Decorum also states that if you’re attending an event to check with the event coordinators to see if they have hashtags plans in place they might like you to use. (For example, a show like Pubcon or SMX tends to have a “show” tag for the entire event, but will often also create hashtags for individual training sessions or keynotes.)

If you’re looking to create a hashtag for your own marketing purposes, you can generally just have at it and create what you want.

Just consider your goals.

If you are hoping to be part of any Twitter-based conversation around the show, you may want to consider using the show’s hashtag rather than creating your own. Again, it just depends on your goals, the culture of the show, and any hashtags associated with the event.

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