Keyword Research Q&A with Todd Malicoat

keyword research market motiveFrom the Market Motive Forum: A student has questions about keyword research. Todd Malicoat has the answers.

Earlier this week over in the member’s only forum, a student said, “I’ve been watching your keyword research videos, and I could use clarification in understanding the research topic as a concept.”

Below are the answers to her questions that I hope you might find helpful as well.

Q. How many keywords I should use to optimize one page?

A. Personally I like to target 1-5 keyphrases per page depending on site topic and organization.

Q. Each page has title, h(1,2,3,4…?), URL, meta description. Should I use one keyword phrase in all of them per page or use several keyword phrases – also, how many?

A. I would generally use these on page elements for five phrases.

Q. Out of all the keywords I found (only for the general product because the website I am working on sells over 100 different types of that product), how many keywords do I need to use for optimizing those pages?

A. I would try to optimize for 1-3 phrases on each relevant product and 3-5 phrases for product categories.

Q. As mentioned, if I’m selling over 100 kinds of the same product category (for example, 50 tea names under “Teas” category), what is the best way to optimize each product page? Do I need to use the same keyword phrase for each product page (same for title, h1, URL, description) or several keyword phrases?

A. Product level optimization usually includes title, metas, h1, unique descriptive content per page, URL, image with alt and caption, price, structured reviews, and more.

If many of the products are very similar, you will likely want to focus more on product category phrases which can be more competitive, but more valuable as well.

Q. Lastly, as far as I know, the general goal of the marketer is to show the customer 10-15 keyword phrases, which rank on the 1st page (as an example). How do I use those 15, 10-15 words the customer paid for to optimize more than 15 pages?

A. More than 15 pages … you probably won’t have too many more than that. These are likely your product categories and main informational content. Developing a deeper architecture based on the language and content opportunities will help you to create valuable content to the people who would visit your site.

As with most things SEO, there are no hard rules on this sort of research, and it is very case-dependent. Regardless, the keyword research is the foundation for your information architecture.

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