New Video: Keyword Research, Part 2: Keyword Value and Strategy

We’re excited to introduce a new SEO video by Todd Malicoat: Keyword Research, Part 2: Keyword Value & Strategy

New Video - Keyword Research, Part 2- Keyword Value & Strategy

After you have identified the keywords related to your business, then you need to consider whether those keywords are actually worth pursing. In this lesson, you will learn from Todd Malicoat how to both identify the intent and value of a particular search query. Todd will go over how keyword research impacts nearly all aspects of your SEO strategy. Don’t miss discovering how to place value on potential keywords, and start prioritizing keywords you want to target.

If you’re not yet a member, feel free to watch the first two chapters. If you are already a member, we hope you enjoy the new content!

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  1. Buddy says

    Another one of many important SEO strategy tips would be to keep an eye out for the most up-to-date updates and changes for the search engine on a regular basis.

  2. Davis says

    Keyword research is important as much as making a PLAN before doing something really great.
    When I started my blogging carrier, I never knew what keyword research is, I always cover articles on random keywords and that was the reason, I wasn’t getting traffic and sales because I was running in the wrong direction.
    But When I learned about keyword research then I found my mistake and started working on it.
    In this guide, you have covered keyword research in a very detailed way and It is very much helpful to so many readers including me.
    So Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article with us.

  3. Davis says

    i’m more attracted towards that name.I am using Google Keyword Tool for the long time, now only i’m trying to change , as per your view Ubersuggest and SEO book seems best. Thank you for your article.

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