Problems Building and Fixing Local Citations? Learn How From Our SEO Expert

From the Market Motive Forums: Fixing Them NAPs

The other day in the member’s only forum, a student came to me looking for advice and insights into a particular local citations problem she’s facing.

She’s a marketing consultant for a local company that has just one office location. She investigated their current listed citations using the Whitesparks Citation Finder tool and discovered some pretty glaring errors and problems with their name, address and phone number (NAP). Beyond some egregious company name misspellings and wrong phone numbers, a previous SEO consultant also built citations for this very same company for about 10 virtual office locations, which are no longer in use, but the citations still exist.

Long story short, the company has a cacophony of incorrect citations, duplicate citations, and outdated NAPs that need removal ASAP.

What is our marketing consultant to do?

In the forum, she brought up some of the options at her disposal to fix the problem, including Yext, Moz Local, Whitespark, and BrightLocal.

However, having never used any of these services, it was tough for her to know the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Some SEOs in her situation could consider trying to fix the citation problems manually, which can ensure accuracy and ownership of the citations but at the expense of speed and convenience.

In my opinion, I think if she keeps fixing her NAP data she’ll be in a much better place. This sounds like a question of time and priority.

In regards to the virtual offices: It’s probably best to get rid of these, and it sounds like probably some bad decision making before she was involved with the site. The association of these with the site could certainly be problematic. Fixing this is the right idea, and she just needs to prioritize her resources.

I’ve heard very good things about Yext for years, but personally, I think maintaining an important business listing in a hands-on manner could certainly be a good approach as well. If there’s a lot of time to be spent, she should try to find a tool that allows the ability to maintain listings after a year or so.

If she has Moz already, checking her listings there and changing them on her own is probably a good approach. I think the tools she’s mentioned are the ones I would run with.

If the company is still operating in some of the areas, she might consider a sub-page type approach with a new physical address to replace some of the older listings as well.

This certainly isn’t an easy problem, and she may want to consider trying to prioritize the most influential sites and working on those as best she can to start.

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