What Artificial Intelligence Could Mean for SEO

artificial intelligence and the future of SEO

How will Skynet impact SEO?

Every day, we see advances in human-like artificial intelligence, and search marketers are seeing big changes in the search landscape because of it.

But it doesn’t need to be the end of the world.

Yes, it’s true, Google is investing big in Artificial Intelligence (AI)… and Facebook and Microsoft aren’t far behind.

According to Bloomberg:

Google’s decision to deploy AI into search shows that companies are starting to entrust their most valuable businesses to systems controlled in part by machine intelligence. Facebook Inc. uses AI techniques to filter the newsfeed that comprises the personalized homepage of the social network and Microsoft Corp. is using artificial intelligence to increase the capabilities of its Bing search engine. Microsoft declined to be more specific about whether it’s using a similar approach to Google.

In fact, Google’s AI initiative – RankBrain – helps Google deal with about 15 percent of daily queries … specifically, unique new queries their systems have never seen before.

Although RankBrain is just one of hundreds of signals considered by the alogrithm in a ranking, it’s quickly become the third most important data point in rankings, and that’s no joke.

Essentially, the standard 200+ SEO factors could eventually become a thing of the past.

What’s that mean for SEOs?

Here at Market Motive we’re way ahead of the curve… In his Market Motive webinar last month, Danny Dover discussed how AI is affecting search, and how Moz’s Rand Fishkin had speculated that a good chunk of search results are processed by artificial intelligence.

In the video, Danny discusses:

  • The Turing Test and what it means for artificial intelligence
  • Examples of wide and narrow types of artificial intelligence
  • How artificial intelligence is impacting SEO now and in the future
  • How SEO best practices may shift in the coming years

This is a pretty big deal…

So we decided to make Danny’s video free.

Discover the most important advances in artificial intelligence, how they relate to Google specifically, and the strategies you can use to leverage Artificial Intelligence and SEO to stay ahead of this new search transformation.

Come with us if you want to rank.




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  1. Eric Garcia says

    As AI’s become more sophisticated the more important it will become for SEO’s to construct quality material. We have already seen the shift towards more quality content rather than just having relevant keywords. I’ve put together an article that expands on this idea, I think you’ll find it helpful.

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