Sentiment Analysis – All You Need To Know About It

As the adage goes, ‘it takes 20 years to build trust, but a day to destroy it’.

Brands have to care about what people think about them to stay on the top of their field. This is where the overly technical field of sentiment analysis connects to social media.

A ton of companies and brands now use sentiment analysis to find out what people are saying about them on social media. A bad review on social media can destroy a brand’s reputation if ignored

4 Free Social Media Tools To Streamline Your Posting Schedule


When it comes to boosting your brand’s online reach, social media is critical. It’s one of the most direct ways to engage with potential customers. Appearing in your followers’ news feeds (and the news feeds of their friends) on a consistent basis is very important in building brand awareness. 95% of adults aged 18-34 are likely to follow brands on social media—that’s a statistic you can’t ignore.

The importance of social media marketing continues to grow, even

The Secret to Writing Eye-Catching Content on Social Media


Social media has indeed become the best platform for communications and getting your views across to masses. The fact that every major news network, companies small and large, banks, charity and government organizations use social media for publicity is a clear indicator of its popularity. Companies like Old Spice have revived themselves with successful social media campaigns. It is precisely for these reasons that social media marketers are in super high demand by all companies. You too can become one by enrolling in these social media courses.

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High Paying Countries for Social Media Marketing Specialists

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is simply an organized system of achieving marketing goals through social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube. However, the actual process of doing that effectively requires expert marketing ability, knowledge of human behavior, data analysis and other valuable skills which a Social Media Marketing Specialist must have.

How to become a Social Media Marketing Specialists know more.

Brief Introduction about Social Media Marketing

Being a form of internet marketing, social media marketing specifically focuses on creating and sharing content in… Continue reading

This Looks Like An Ordinary Blog Post, But When You Read It Your Jaw Will Drop

jennifer carioRaise your hand if you’ve seen these kinds of headlines in your Facebook feed:

  • She Pours Baking Soda Into This Washing Machine and What Happens Next, SO COOL!
  • Dog Waiting At Hospital Until His Owner Died Then Did Something Unbelievable
  • It Looks Like An Ordinary Shell, But When He Pokes It, My Jaw Dropped

Then you click on the link and read that the cool thing that happened next when she poured baking soda into the washing machine wasn’t even remotely cool or interesting.


So what are we to make of these often misleading headlines that often smell of click bait?… Continue reading

Two New Free Videos: PPC and Social Media

PPC and Social MediaFree through June 30: Introducing two new and free videos for PPC and Social Media

PPC: Managing Search Queries & Negative Keywords

With broad match types and ever-expanding keyword lists, keywords can get out of control very easily. The cure for this is learning how to manage your keywords efficiently, and a major tool for managing keywords is negative keywords. Negative keywords block an ad for showing for a particular query. Smart advertisers will use these to stop ads for showing for low-value keywords that are not performing well. See how to use negative keywords in your account to keep your campaigns running more efficiently.… Continue reading

New Video: Facebook Marketing, Part 4: Integrating Facebook with Other Efforts

Integrating FacebookJennifer Cario’s latest social media video is now live: Facebook Marketing, Part 4: Integrating Facebook with Other Efforts

Facebook’s reach is vast and widespread. Take advantage of this reach by linking blog posts and website content with Facebook’s like, share, and comment systems. This drives your brand into the view of otherwise unengaged prospects.

Learn how to use the Facebook plug-ins to help integrate Facebook into your website. Leverage this integration to grow your list of followers and ultimately grow your audience.

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Social Media Foundations Course Launched

social media foundations courseIn this Social Media Foundations Course, Jennifer Cario will take you through everything you need to know to be able to embark on an end-to-end Social Media marketing campaign

From basic planning strategies to Social Media channel opportunities to testing and evaluating your Social Media campaigns, this Social Media Foundations Course will establish some basic guidelines, opportunities, and strategies for evaluating your company’s needs and putting together a well thought out Social Media marketing campaign.

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New Video: Facebook Marketing, Part 3: Understanding the Facebook Algorithm & News Feed

Facebook Algorithm News FeedGet ready for another fantastic social media video by Jennifer Cario: Facebook Marketing, Part 3: Understanding the Facebook Algorithm & News Feed

Imagine you just spent many hours crafting a fantastic blog post that your fans are going to adore. Now you need to share it on Facebook and get it into the feeds of your followers. The Facebook News Feed algorithm determines if that will happen.

The News Feed algorithm takes into account past engagement, time since post, and other factors. Discover how to make the algorithm work for you by driving genuine engagement on your page. Use this power to make sure your audience reads that blog post, or whatever other message you need to share.

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New Video: Facebook Marketing, Part 2: Getting Started on Facebook

Facebook Marketing, Part 2 Getting Started on FacebookWe’re excited to introduce another fantastic Social Media video by Jennifer Cario: Facebook Marketing, Part 2: Getting Started on Facebook

When launching a Facebook page, it’s important to perform some key steps that establish the foundation of a solid Facebook reputation. Furthermore, it’s vital to keep up that reputation by continuing to interact with users and maintaining a content-driven, up-to-date page.

Discover the keys of establishing your company as reputable, personable, and approachable on Facebook. Use these guidelines to create a strong Facebook presence and build it to a sizable audience of engaged supporters and prospects.

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