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Jeanette Bolvary uses basic success principles to excel in her online training

Chauffeur, nurse, judge, teacher, psychologist, chef – just in case stay at home moms don’t already wear enough hats (ha!), let’s add one more: online marketer.

Jeanette Bolvary did.

Jeanette – mother of a 9 year old boy and 7 year old girl – decided a few years ago to earn some extra pocket money on the internet. She explains, “This was in the good old SEO days, when it was still easy to rank a site.”

She Recognized the Need to Stay Current
But with the recent Panda and Penguin updates, she needed more training to stay relevant and be successful. Through reading Brad Geddes and Avinash Kaushik’s books, she came to Market Motive and dove into the Web Analytics training course.

“It’s obvious to me that Web Analytics is a fast-growing field, and I think it’s here to stay. So I think it’s a good area to invest your time into.”

And invest her time, she did! Jeanette became certified in Web Analytics in less than one month.

How did she do it?

There were two major components to her success.

Jeanette#1: She Created a Schedule and Stuck to It
Jeanette realized that she could find small pockets of time to give her complete attention to the videos, and the small pockets added up.

“I block my time exactly to the amount of time it says. If it says twenty minutes, I’m giving twenty minutes of absolute attention.”

By watching the videos in these available pockets of time, and doing the workbook activities when her kids were at school, she created a custom plan that fit her schedule and her lifestyle. And it worked!

#2: She Had a Vision for Her Future
Jeanette plans to move into consulting and running her dropshipping business, so she knows her training is important.

“Without Analytics, you can’t survive on the internet . . . It’s just getting more competitive, and you need to keep your finger on the pulse. . . I want to be able to do this for other people. There’s nothing worse than not knowing what you’re doing. . . I wanted the information because I wanted to know how to do this and I want to know how to do this properly.”

She knew that if she wanted to run her own business, she would need to be properly trained.

Her Success is Achievable
And the best part about it: Jeanette’s success is reproducible!

Clearly, she’s a standout student and has earned her place in the Market Motive Spotlight, but she’s not doing anything that’s not attainable by others. In fact, when we let her know she was going to be in the Spotlight, she said this:

“Please don’t make me look like a supermom because although I love my two gorgeous kids to bits, a supermom I’m most definitely not. They also attend school and that at least gives me time during the day, where mothers with younger children at home do not have this luxury.”

So how do you have Janette’s same success? The basics: Stick to a schedule, set a vision, and stay determined.

Jeanette plans to continue with this successful pattern through the PPC and Conversion training courses before fully transitioning into consulting and running her dropshipping business.

We’re excited to follow her story and success, and we look forward to hearing about yours!

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