ClickTracks vs Omniture: A side by side comparison

I recently had the opportunity to directly compare products from two of the most respected names in web analytics. Each product has distinct strengths and weaknesses, but perhaps most interesting is how much the designs share in common, as this inside look at the tools will reveal.


My first priority was to analyze the accuracy of each tool. In the past I have been known to dismiss accuracy as unimportant, but with the possibility to directly compare each, very close-up, I simply couldn’t resist. I carefully set out the parameters for my accuracy test, and performed the comparison under the strictest conditions possible.

100 0805

My test revealed no significant differences in accuracy. Although it’s true the Omniture tool produces a heavier line, ClickTracks is not significantly different. Perhaps crucially, I found both tools equally suited to the demands of an enterprise environment.

User interface

Both tools have a good reputation for user interface design, and I agree the fit and finish is above average. In fact, despite the obvious aesthetic differences (as usual, ClickTracks deviates from traditional design by using a triangular cross-section) and of course different color scheme, I found both tools to be well made. The retraction mechanism is similar, and the buttons have a nice, positive clicking action. Both tools also feature a rubberized grip area, providing increased security.

Unfortunately I was not able to check each tool for compatibility with a pocket protector, but I suspect they would work just fine.

100 0802-2

Omniture definitely has more visible shiny parts, for those that find this important


The importance of segmentation cannot be overstated. It’s impossible to get good data without some level of dissection, and this is often where tools show their weaknesses. In both cases the segmented results are acceptable, and it’s relatively easy to recombine them to get the complete picture later.


Segmentation can be applied easily, and then reversed


Both the Omniture and ClickTracks tools are useful and well made, but the results are only as good as the operator. Our thanks to both companies for supplying these demo versions for us to experiment with.

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  1. Jennifer Laycock says

    Well done!

    Shall we expect side by side comparisons of yo-yo’s from Web Trends and Web Side Story next week?

  2. Immanuel Godwin says

    The biggest difference between them is in their data collection methodology. Omniture uses page tagging and Clicktracks uses log file solutions. A google search for both these methodologies will clearly give you the advantages and disadvantages between them.

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