How to Succeed in Online Training (and Life)

web_chadHS_2741Chad Vanags went from zero to hero (web analytically speaking). He came into the course completely unfamiliar with Web Analytics and now saves his customers thousands of dollars through his analytics skills.

Follow these five secrets to success we stole from his story, and not only will you be a shoo-in for success in your Coached Course, but you’ll be even more successful in life.



1. Know Your Why

know your why

“If you don’t have a big purpose in life, it’s really hard to stay dedicated and motivated. There are going to be so many obstacles to derail you, and your why has to be bigger than those obstacles. If you don’t have a big enough why, you’re not going to push through.”

Chad’s ultimate goal is to be an adventure travel host and show people the awesome world we live in. He knew that constant travel requires location independence, which requires developing his ECommerce consulting business, which requires mastering Web Analytics, which would require him being successful in the course. Because he tied his experience in the course to the success of Jake & Chad – his adventure TV show – he was able to attack the course tenaciously and, ultimately, successfully.

2. Be Resourceful


“There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a great course, then not being able to finish it, or not be able to pass. I realized I lacked serious skills in Google Analytics and Excel, and I knew in order to pass the Market Motive course, I had to take additional courses.”

Chad complemented the Web Analytics Course – which focuses on the intensive analytical thinking – with training to help him learn the tools he needed like Google Analytics and Excel. He completed the Google Analytics Essential Training Course from in one week, watched countless hours of YouTube videos about Excel every week, and enlisted the help of a friend – who worked as a commercial real estate analyst – to further help him to master Excel. Chad didn’t expect the answers to be handed to him – he reached out to find the resources and get them for himself.

3. Don’t Make Excuses

no excuses

If you’re in my position and you’ve never done anything with analytics, and you still want to do it, then you have to commit. You’re spending a good chunk of money on this, and if you don’t commit. . . then it’s probably not going to work out.”

Mid-semester, Chad was laid off and had to pick up the remaining bill for the course. Instead of using it as an excuse to quit, he used it as incentive to pass, because he knew the course would only pay for itself in results if he passed it. At the end of the semester, Chad went to Thailand with his brother to film for their adventure travel show, the same week the (intensive!!!) final projects were due. Instead of worrying or requesting an extension, Chad turned in one project early and finished the other project in Thailand after a Muay-Thai fight with his brother, on an extremely swollen ankle. No excuses.

4. Work Hard

work hard

“Watch every video, read everything, do the homework. Just do everything you’re supposed to do. I think commitment is really the biggest thing to think about. Commit to finishing.”

It almost goes without saying that working hard – at anything – is a prerequisite for success, but to make this list complete, it’s important to have included. Because Chad committed, he was able to put all his efforts into the course, the sweat, tears and hours that were necessary, and walk away victorious.

5. Be Nice

be nice

“I can’t thank you enough for your help! . . . I learned more in the last 3 months than in the last year or so. Great Experience!” – Taken from a handwritten thank-you letter Chad sent to his Student Liaison

Here’s a little secret: Whatever you do, it’s going to involve people. Because Chad was nice to his Learning Plan Specialist, his Student Liaison, and his faculty members at Market Motive, he ended up with a team of cheerleaders. Professionally, his kindness (combined with his competence) has helped him to get huge names to guest star on The Ecommerce Influence Podcast (example: Avinash Kaushik will be an upcoming guest!). It’s true, kindness won’t get you a passing score. But kindness will get you a pass into many open doors.

Was it worth it? Check out Chad’s Case Study and how he’s been able to already save his customers thousands of dollars.

What are YOUR secrets to success?

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