Market Motive Grad Creates Opportunity for Market Motive Grads

Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

Are YOU prepared for this awesome Web Analytics Career Opportunity?

Mara Alvarez de Lorenzanasuncor-logoIf you have a good memory, you probably remember us singing the praises of Market Motive All-Star Mara Alvarez De Lorenzana.

After going through four (yes, four!) Self-paced Courses, she took on the big kahuna of the Web Analytics Certification Course, studying directly with Avinash Kaushik, getting personalized training and guidance, completing a challenging real-world analytics project…

…and finishing at the top of her class, earning Web Analytics Top Gun in 2013.

After graduation, she worked as a freelance Digital Analyst; and then moved into a position as a Senior Advisor for Web Analytics at Suncor Energy.

Here’s your opportunity:

Mara’s preparing for a 14-month maternity leave … and she’s leaving huge shoes to fill at Suncor during her absence that she believes can be best filled by a Market Motive grad.

As a Market Motive grad, I can attest to the rigorous and challenging workload lead by the best in the industry. Having these exceptional mentors personally review your work and give you tips from their real-life experience is invaluable which is why in hiring a digital analyst I would look to Market Motive graduates first! ” – Mara Alvarez de Lorenzana, Senior Advisor Web Analytics at Suncor Energy

Mara needs someone to fill in for her during her leave, and she’d love to have that person be another Market Motive grad.

And once you are in the door there is a very good chance that you can be reassigned to another position once Mara returns.

If you’ve already prepared by completing a Market Motive Coached Course in Web Analytics, it’s your lucky day!

Continue the Market Motive grad legacy at Suncor by stepping into the shoes of a successful Web Analyst.

Register for your Web Analytics Course experience!

If you’re not yet a Market Motive Coached Course Grad, get ready for your next opportunity by checking out the web analytics course.

You’ll follow Mara’s example by preparing for the future, so the next time an opportunity comes up, you’ll be the lucky one!

Either way, get moving.

Prepare for your opportunities, and create your own luck.

Visit Mara’s Market Motive Profile, and visit her on LinkedIn as well!

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