New Chapter: Dominique de Coster Becomes an Author

Market Motive co-founder John Marshall with the French and English versions of Dominique's book.

Market Motive co-founder John Marshall with the French and English versions of Dominique’s book.

Dominique de Coster, Managing Director at WSI InteNew Chapernet Business Booster, has landed himself in the Market Motive Spotlight for authoring the Web Analytics chapter in WSI’s new French book DIGITAL MINDS: 12 Clés pour Développer votre Business sur le Web. Congratulations, Dominique!

Dominique wrote the Web Analytics chapter based on a combination of his expertise gained in the field and information he learned as Avinash’s student through the Web Analytics Coached Course.

“I got a lot of that material that inspired me from my own expertise in the field with my customers, and also in my chapter, I use two concepts that Avinash told us: The concept of Web Analytics 2.0 paradigm, and the concept of Digital Marketing Monitoring Model . . . And those are really the two big fundamentals that I’m using all the time to explain why people should do Web Analytics.

“First of all, it helps to explain to people that you need more than just a tool like Google Analytics to do Web Analytics. If you want to go further down in the minds of the visitor of your website, you need to use other sources of information, other sources of business intelligence. Then you need to scan this through your own intelligence, and that is explained by the paradigm. The other thing is the Digital Marketing Monitoring Model. This is really the road map. If you don’t have it, you end-up wasting your time, just playing like a kid in a ball pool – there is so much information, so much data available out there that you’re just swimming in a pool of data. And how would you know which one are really relevant to your concerns? When you use this data system, when you use this monitoring model, then you construct your road map and focus on what really matters for reaching your business objective.”

Dominique is a graduate of the both the Web Analytics Coached Course and the Conversion Optimization Practitioner Course, as well as an ongoing student. We are excited to celebrate his success and accomplishment.

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